Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Is This Benzonatate

7x2, that is, we have Christopher Robin's birthday :-)

seven mothers, seven sons :-)
And seven trucks!
morning and afternoon on a snippet of Old Ochota. I Pole Mokotowskie. Mohito drinks and after a large coffee - Ince for what poniektórych!
And cake. Mini ;-)

birthday looked like Margaret. We have Christopher Robin. Once again - all the best!

For the record, and in memory of mention successively
Paulina and Krzysio, Mary, and Antos, Emily and Victor, and Jacek Tosia, Carolina and Maciek, Gretel, and Christopher Robin, well, we
:-) Whew ... Probably not messed ...
just a few photos ...
And not all the pictures present :-(

Lat moms count I will not ;-)
sons - yes. The youngest did not have even half a year, the oldest - two years and 7 months.

:-) It was nice to

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Standard Apartment Lease Illinois

Monday-flowers (again)

lightly uncommunicative ... I hope things get better ... tonight?
trousers - secondhand, LND Primark shoes, handbag - secondhand

headless photos of Monday

... and have a nice thursday