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Recommendations Facebook pages for online marketers

assumed courage to make a selection of pages that are of interest to those working in RuNet and engaged / interested in internet marketing and social media while actively using Facebook.
received a total of 14 pages.
  • compartment pages that are uninteresting to me personally
  • Left those with more than 1000 subscribers
  • Removed page agency
Recommendations Facebook pages for the purposes of advertising, Internet marketing and social Media:
Page Link subscribers on 31.01.2011 Subject Interesting
a 9468 publication on marketing, case studies and Market News Advertising 9
2 Pruffi 4718 Jobs in RuNet from AB 10
3 Social Media Club Moscow 4479 Club for those who interested in social media 10
4 3612 publication about Internet marketing. Case studies, theory, practice 9
5 Internet in Figures 3423 News and figures of internet marketing 5
6 Runetologiya 2823 Interviews with market Runet 8
7 advertising and marketing in Russia 2444 publication on marketing 6
8 Cases promotion in social media in the Russian market 2258 That Casey promotion in social media in RuNet 8
9 SWOTME 1835 Page about direct marketing and all that can improve the effective-Th interaction with clients in the network 8
10 Marketing Media Review - Media Marketing Review 1737 Edition about marketing, case studies and news advertising market 5
11 Arthur Welf 1632 Thoughts and case studies on social media 9
12 Encyclopedia of Social Marketing 1388 News and case studies of social media market 7
13 Nikolay Belousov 1358 thoughts and posts on internet marketing, social media and online commerce 9
14 Zuckerberg calls 645 irony and humor in regard to everything that is happening with marketers Runet 10

In the near future under the Rating Facebook pages of Social Media Club Moscow will be made on-line rating of pages devoted to advertising.
If you like these recommendations, subscribe to the page Nikolay Belousov . Click "I like it!

Online rating Facebook pages devoted to advertising, is ready:

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What Does Grafton Mean

Top 16 online stores Runet turnover. Data for 2010. Forecast *

Last Data Traffic in Internet shops in RuNet disclosed in 2005.
Link to rating from RBC .
By closed Market data is taken forward, and often heard in his ear.
why respected organizations in the field of e-commerce (such as do not have a habit to carry out such research each year, I do not understand.

In any case, I present to you the biggest shopping Runet rating with the forecast traffic data for 2010.
Data may differ from actual orders of magnitude, so the look will be waiting for the representatives referred to in the comments and retailers in the mail.
# Name of shop Turnover, mln rubles, data for 2010 Turnover,mln rubles, data for 2008 %, growth
1 3 690,50 2 424,00 52,2%
2 3 080,50 2 160,00 42,6%
3 2 928,00 1 920,00 52,5%
4 1950,00 1 440,00 35,4%
5 1 875,75 1 200,00 56,3%
6 1 525,00 196,80 674,9%
7 1 342,00 650,00 106,5%
8 1 250,00 800,00 56,2%
9 1 125,45 746,40 50,8%
10 777,75 602,40 29,1%
11 847,90 588,00 44,2%
12 652,70 432,00 51,1%
13 707,60 384,00 84,3%
14 549,00 312,00 76,0%
15 573,40 304,80 88,1%
16 640,50 168,00 281,3%

Several well-known Internet magazinschikov responded in comments to this rating.
Among them:
1) Roman Gorshkov @ SuperGittarero (now Comments novel can be read in its twitter .
2) Anton Permogorov @ AntonScott (formerly, now the traveler? And author of the blog 80weeks ).

On Time In Full, Otif Example Calculation

Internet population of the CIS countries and the near abroad

Statistics on the Internet population in all countries of the CIS so you just never see. Therefore, he decided to collect the data together and display them in one table.
immediately becomes it is clear that Runet much more than you thought.

took data from the site
They consider them their own way, but in general, it is gratifying to see that for some procedures counting, we are moving to 100 million Internet users.
Population Internet auditory
Russia 139 390 205 59700000
Ukraine 45415596 15300000
Kazakhstan 15 460,484 5,300,000
Uzbekistan 27865 738 4 689 000
Belarus 9 612 632 4 436 800
Azerbaijan 8 303 512 3 689 000
Kyrgystan 5 508 626 2 194 400
Georgia 4 600 825 1 300 000
Armenia 2 966 802 208 200
Turkmenistan 4 940 916 80 400
Total 264 065 336 96 897 800

What can I use data on the Internet audience of the country?
In general, when planning activities targeted to these countries.
For me, it means that the work I have more attention paid to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Monday, January 17, 2011

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results of the project Money 2.0. 4 Parts

In this post more than 20 000 characters. Fully understand that reading it would be pretty hard, so if you wish, you can see each part separately (on my page in Facebook):

1. On the objectives and results (4000 characters, about 4 minutes)
2. As a Panasonic relate to social media (2500 characters, ~ 3 minutes)
3. Review of achievements Panasonic and failures in social media (6500 characters, about 6 minutes)
4. On the sales through social media
(10,500 characters, about 10 minutes)

The final word yet does not say. I plan to write another 3 parts:
5. Answers to questions (from Facebook) about our activities in social media
6. Summarizing promotion accounts Panasonic's 2010 and a review of tactics that were used to move pages in Russia Panasonic Facebook
7. Personal impressions of the project and the wishes of those who will run Similar business reality show in the future.

Part 1. On the objectives and results
publishing the results of years of work Panasonic in social media, we will, as always, will be self-critical, and truthful. In contrast to the laudatory Casey, who is prepared to attract new clients of the Agency or brands to boast about at the conference, our posts are a reflection of real-world experience gained through repeated attack on different rakes. Read penetrate ideas. And, hopefully, your business will succeed.
Almost a year ago, we (Panasonic) have decided to participate in the draft Money 2.0
At that time, Panasonic was present on Twitter, the group had vkontakte and we're just going to develop the club Panasonic.
What are the objectives we pursued entering in the project?

*** Retreat ***
Frankly, when it all began, I would like to think that publication in the Journal of Money "and on its site may have a positive impact on the number of subscribers to the club or the Panasonic mentioned accounts and activities. Judging by the posts and the mood of the participants, such opinion is not just me. As a result of the same "experiment of the Russian scale" experiment and became a source of knowledge for only a small Party people.
Why did it happen you can write a separate post. Will focus on our goals.
*** End retreat ***

goals coming into the draft and promote a social media
If formalize the goal of entry into the project and progress in social services. media (at the moment entry into the project), then this:

* Additional PR of our profiles in social services. Media
* Getting outside expertise and advice on how to improve the quality of our advances in social media

promotion in social media
* Set audiences at different venues - Vkontakte, Twitter, etc.
* Sales through social media (10% of its turnover online store)
In the first post I wrote that "With the help of marketing in social media, we plan to work in five areas: promoting cameras Lumix, TV Viera, brand Panasonic, monobrand online store Panasoniceplaza, as well as loyalty programs Panasonic Club "

Putting such goals, I found the cost and lack of understanding of the possible outcome.
Main - underestimated the effort and the need for manual involvement in such activity.
As a result, had to be abandoned of the many planned activities. For example, we have ceased to promote the Viera TVs in social media for online shopping have made a couple of shares and the plan for the promotion of Lumix cameras have come just now (that is, exactly one year later than planned).

analyze all 4 goals:
* Additional PR of our profiles in social services. Media
Several publications in the "Money" came out, and the texts on the experience of Panasonic read a certain number of readers Site (unknown which). Some people read the same texts and site (and has remained unclear contribution to the project).
Enough I often judge the success of our actions on the network by colleagues reviews, which it has not been dedicated. For example, when I send the link with the caption "This is true are you doing? Well done! ". About Money project 2.0 of these links no one sent.
Conclusion: The PR did not work.

* Obtaining external expert and tips on how to improve the quality of our advances in social media
to our mailing list for the user base to attract people the site of the club, we received comments from experts and from representatives of agency that we made this list. After, Panasonic was mentioned in some articles experts, but practical advice, we almost did not. The most sensible thoughts wrote only Arthur Welf.
In comments to the reports from readers, suggestions and ideas were very few.
Conclusion: Expertise we are not rich.

* A set of audiences at different venues - Vkontakte, Twitter, etc.
can say that only what we are doing. On this direction separately.

* Sales through social media (10% of its turnover online store)
the flow of these sales do not come out, confining a series of test actions for the sale of irons and razors.
It is important that we have prepared a platform for sales through social media in 2011. Described in detail in the following sections.

Part 2. As a Panasonic relate to social media

At the time of starting our activities in social media in the spring of 2009, Panasonic has not been allocated a person in charge of these activities. No it, and now, in December 2010.
necessary to recognize that presence in social media (not only the profiles in vkontakte, twitter, facebook and others, but also a platform Club Panasonic and Lumixclub) until recently, not more than a hobby 1-2 employees of the company.
If segodyashnego me, someone asked whether the company engaged in social media, I would definitely answer that you need to think 100 times, to measure, consider a strategy to enlist the support of the present leadership, allocate resources, and only after! gradually moving from contemplation to dive into active participation.
year has passed since the start of the project Money 2.0, dedicated to promote business in social media. At Panasonic, meanwhile, social media only promise to become a theme for the next 2011.
this are the harbingers of some news:
1) in November in Japan, the Osaka headquarters of Panasonic, we held the first general conference within a company dedicated to social media
2) In November there was a new issue of Pana, entirely dedicated to social media.
I must say that the magazine reflects the decisions made in company and helps to convey to each brand manager new idea, by virtue of the fact that he was sent to all offices, all the product managers and leadership.
3) Panasonic launched an internal resource for sharing experiences. Colleagues from around the world spread their own and others' cases move to social media and share plans and results their work. I am an active member of this community, and even sharing the materials from it on this page and on Twitter.
4) Japan Guide adopted a strategy of development through 2012, which includes the active use of social media
5) Finally, we, as a web team, were allowed to man up team of professionals working in social media.

Next year we plan to conduct their activities in social media's own forces.
And this time, our leadership understands what we're doing and why.
Inside the company, are forming a project team that will:
1) to monitor mentions of the company and its products in social media
2) Respond to mention
3) to our profiles in social Media
4) to develop an online community
Involve agency, we assume the so-called activation (ie, that the agency came up with and implemented the idea of \u200b\u200battracting new users to our social. Media accounts - contests, contextual advertising, social applications. networks).

Part 3. Review of the achievements and failures of Panasonic's social media
Summary of trial and error (the most outstanding achievements and failures)

More than once wrote about it.
main and probably the only mistake before the business activities in social media is a misunderstanding why all this is done. And therefore, misallocation of resources, lack of proper attention, understanding how to evaluate effectiveness.

Our achievements and failures.

main achievement lies in the fact that we knew how to set goals and objectives in social media . And how to approach to performance measurement. For this, I honestly thank Arthur Welf (with its proposals translate all the results into comprehensible language for the expert at any level).

the goals that we set earlier (and not just in social media, but in general in internet marketing), such as coverage, the number of users involved or the cost of actions, unrelated to business have not.

It is important to set goals that can be easily correlated with real value to the business. For example, to raise knowledge about a new product to increase sales in a particular online store, assemble a pool of loyal users, etc.

Interestingly, realizing that the old metrics are worthless, we they began to pray and agencies to propose solutions based on metrics that are meaningful to the business. And found that neither the agency nor the sites (sites that host Internet advertising and special projects for yourself), did not really understand how what they suggest may affect the business of their client. Sad but true for Russian market for at least the next 2 years.

turns out that we ended up talking with agencies in different languages. Seeking and keeping in mind one thing and getting proposals aimed at clear for them things - coverage, clicks, CPC, time on site, etc. Those figures whose significance in the promotion of our products far from unique.

local success

Club Panasonic
1) now integrated in media properties, which we employ to promote Technology Panasonic. For example, in promoting 3D solutions from Panasonic.

2) to develop and launch a new catalog of prizes
and similar small innovation, which in general should improve the project, we came up with a lot, but implemented only a part.

3) Develop and implement integration with social media.
If my memory serves me, had to run the authorization through Facebook and other social services. network, as well as the tools of content distribution, even in October. The delay on the side of the agency and on such nuances in detail in the part about the pitfalls.

4) conceived and partially implemented the integration of Club loyalty to the site
first steps towards integration have given an increase of 15 000 visitors to the site of the club in a month.

Further integration site and club possible after the upgrade first. We have already begun work on a new version of the corporate website, which will include social elements integration with the club and much more. The project involved more than 30 people and completed it only in mid-2011.

1) Although the delay in six months, but we moved to a new platform that is integrated with social media and allows the club owners Lumix become a serious project.
the site, which so far represents only a forum, you can enter using the most social services.

2) The number of members of the community almost doubled in a year and now stands at more than 25 000 participants and most of them is active on the site.
I note that the two-time growth of the forum has provided support to staff within the company.

Accounts in Social Media
1) In the summer of 2010 we set a goal - to raise the number of active subscribers of our accounts and consistently followed to achieve this goal.
number of active users (those who comment on posts brand more than 2 times a month), all accounts Panasonic (which has more than 25,000 subscribers), only in November over 100 people. Start measuring the rate (Number of active subscribers), we have seen their numbers steadily growing, and the cost of contacts with users in the social. Media is also steadily declining.

moral of this lengthy thesis, too, is large enough:
set clear and measurable goals, we can understand their accomplishment / failure to reach.
core users is important and it can be measured, but to assess its impact on growth in readership is difficult.
cost of interaction in social Media (CPSA) can be controlled, and, in principle, you can put specific KPI for this indicator.

2) a long time we fought for quality content, experimented with themes frequency.
I think that after a year, we had the understanding of how to spell the name of the brand.
Again, only through experiments, analyze what the theme gather more feedback, which often commented upon and forwarded.

Such local developments for the club and other projects we have many. Call them visible and decisive for the success of business in social media will wrong.

The conclusion of the achievements is the fact that n Utemov mass experiments, surveys, reports and discussions, we came to understand that do and how and what works .

turn to failures.
1) We have failed to attract adequate levels of noise to our active in social media.
I must say that apart from Nokia at all, no one has, but also because of its already accustomed to the scandalous way.

2) Delays for special projects and competitions in social media and to implement various tasks.
In doing so, we have shown ourselves to the fullest. That only is a delay of 6 months to launch a new platform of the club of amateur photographers.
Frankly, of the planned ideas were implemented in time units. This can be attributed to the lack of people, unscrupulous agencies or something else, but it is a fact.

3) yield the palm to the number of subscribers some competitors. Panasonic launched Twitter in May 2009. One of the first brands in RuNet. Today @ panasonic_ru - 13th in the number of subscribers among all brands Runet. When this themselves subscribers only 2700 people. Was a major failure is that we lag behind some competitors can not, but one wonders if enough Do well, we use our available resources.

correctly written in the gaps with only discontinuities timing and inconsistency of the results expected . This is crucial.

Separately, write a post with concrete examples of our activities, mechanics, and results, that is, to sum up the year.

Part 4. On the sales through social media

Over the past year we had only 2 stocks to sell in the social media.
first action took place in the summer of 2009 when the Russian-speaking tweet was 12 000, and Panasonic just launched its own account.
essence of the action was to provide 50% discount to users of Twitter to the shaver Panasonic .. For this action, we have identified hundreds of razors.
campaign received a great response, but the sales results via Twitter turned out to be dismal - only 11 razors for 3 days. Seeing the low sales results, we have made our top customers based on an online store, making them a similar offer.
entire stock of razors has sold at least 2 hours after the start list.

second rally was held in the spring 2010 and represented the sale of irons Panasonic at cost. The price was very attractive.
For stocks, we have prepared a promotional page where you tried apply virusoemkie mechanics, the user request to provide information about the campaign to friends tweets or straightening a link to a page on the email.
Implementation functions of information dissemination leave much to be desired (we provided users with few options to share the page, and email - just archaic way in our time). If I did this action today, I would add a competitive element and creating a referral system of accounting for the transition of visitors the page and giving bonuses (or varying the size of the discount) to those users who brought the most friends.
action with irons proved to be quite successful. Users liked the idea of \u200b\u200bhelping in the sale of irons, as well as the blunders in the design of a promotional page (Irons grew directly out of the hands of girls on the page). Users was even created heshteg # hochu_uytug.
Following the stock was sold more than 150 irons for 3 days.

Before you jump to conclusions, I want to consider 2 well-known around the world case study on sales through social media. It's about Dell and Sony.
Dell in the states is through the sale megauspeshny twitter-account @ delloutlet (more 1.5 million subscribers). A couple of years, sales through social media have made more than $ 6 million more than the result in the world did not seek one.
Sony in the UK carries out the action on the sale of their laptops. Discount on a laptop and free customization allowed Sony to sell via Twitter (so says their marketing director, although sounds doubtful though that Sony UK only 1500 subscribers on Twitter. Perhaps the role of Twitter is in the exclusive announcement of the shares) laptops for more than to £ 1 million

What conclusions about sales through social media do we learn from their experiences and these examples:
1) Serious sales through social media can be done. For big business a couple of hundred of goods sold is not significant.
Ponder, Dell, with sales of $ 60 billion a year, most computers sold for $ 6,000,000 over 2 years.
not rule out that for small and medium-sized businesses, social media can be a serious sales channel. Colleagues send links to the group vkontakte that sell t-shirts, gifts and jewelry for hundreds of thousands rubles per month.
* Note *
through social media can be completely tons and millions of selling digital goods that have no physical media. Confirmation of this - the existence of, iTunes, Amazon Kindle, and others.
2) Sales through Social Media Product unscalable
illustrative example Project , a kind of precursor grupona and clones.
The project is to provide substantial discounts on the physical goods. The project is alive and functioning, but, according to the creators, do not bring a substantial income.
Elena Masolova after launch darberry, mention the name problems of scale sales of physical goods:
- Logistics must be prepared for a sudden load of hundreds or thousands of orders, and this almost impossible
- risks a return bounce
- the need to have the goods in a warehouse in the required amounts. And, accordingly, the prognosis for Sales of this product. But forecasts are often far from reality. Can you imagine what will make the brand, if the stock went not so well as planned?
- the success of the action is highly dependent on the strength of brands and exciting offers. And this very interestingness before the rally started to measure almost impossible.

3) The product must be relevant
Examples of Dell and Sony - are the exception rather than the rule, the straight-away screaming that the Internet easier to sell to relevant Internet device. These companies also sell laptops, and I am confident that similar results can be achieved sales producers mobile phones, tablets, game consoles.

4) It is important to a platform for the announcement and the mechanics of viral dissemination
post information about superskidkah on Twitter or visit Vkontakte, where all 1000 users will agree, is ridiculous. And one without the other is impossible. Creating a popular account with no special events is difficult, as well as special events without a popular account.
As mentioned in the text post, if you are limited in the announcement, can and should involve the users themselves, motivating them to disseminate information about the campaign.

5) Integration with social services - where do without her.
If we are talking about sales through social media, then the integration of these media in the promo page do not forget. You can learn from approaches from the same coupon service, a la

about trends and new solutions
Although massive sales through social media still remain elusive grail, technological solutions come one after another.

Social Commerce (Social commerce)
I will not go into detail about how it all started with user reviews, vish sheets and other social tools, and stop a new instrument that makes commerce is really social. Facebook is not so long ago, has developed and launched the network system of Facebook Connect and the Open Graph, allowing users to authenticate to any site with your account in the social. network and, with the help of Open Graph, to see what content or products advise people from the social circle this man.
long history of successful use of this technology is almost there. Only Levi's, which is introduced into your own online store Open Graph and Amazon, which makes its first attempts to adapt to imagine these possibilities Facebook. Results of the integration neither one nor the other declared.
bonus link to English-speaking Mashable article on how online retailers can use Facebook Open Graph.

Showcases in soc. networks
Another trend is the opening of brands their windows (or online stores directly into the social. networks). Facebook allows you to make it through kastomizovannye tabs.
For example, a reference to the English articles with a list of several platforms for porting online store on Facebook.
Vkontakte develops Merchant API. There is even the thumbnail dedicated news of this service. The results of work with the service I know a little less than nothing. But in 2011 we will look at what we can achieve cooperation.

coupon services and collective services purchases
coupon sites, firmly entrenched in our mail and purses, preceded sites collective purchases, like mentioned . We tried to work with several of them. The results were disastrous sales technique - something like 10 pairs headphones, 5 vacuum cleaners per share.
problem with these services were in their low popularity and, consequently, can not convey information about the campaign to a wide range of readers.
Recently, we (as is likely, and other electronics manufacturers) have begun to receive offers from coupon services, with an offer to sell a coupon for a discount on equipment in our online store.
Promise figures in thousands of sales and distribution of coupons profits from the sale of these coupons.
idea of \u200b\u200bsuch cooperation, I am impressed, and we've already talked about the possibilities of our leadership. We will try. Only one thing. The number of sold and implemented coupons will in any case depend on the interesting suggestion (discount rate and the popularity of the proposed product). Clearly, we as Panasonic on the sale of equipment especially does not work, but if the stock will get at least some profit (to be neubytochnoy) and bring several thousand new customers online store, then why not.

product of the day
If you look at U.S. stores like or, you'll find that each of them has to "deal of the day", offering products at special conditions.
In the phenomenon is nothing unique, but according to, for example, "good day" allows you to increase sales of certain goods by an average of 17%.
from the Russian shops, such practice of using one.
Because I had seen it: to share "The Hunt for Sale"
http://www. / deal_of_the_day / with the classic "commodity day "
I am sure that next year," Products of the day "will be one of the proven ways of lifting sales of a particular product. Only the discount should be offered significant.

Plans for 2011 and why did 10% of the turnover of the online store of social services. networks in 2010
- Promo codes and online certificates
order to sell something through soc. network, it is important to have a functional and platform.
Therefore, we have developed and implemented on site system promo codes and certificates for a certain amount. Promo codes, we will distribute in different channels of promotion techniques to identify those with more likely to lead to purchases.
- Spec. actions involving users
will continue and share with the irons. Specific objectives on them are not set, we start from the problem of selling 100% of the available stock of goods.
- Redesign of the store and its integration with social services
implementation of this task we started in the fall of 2010, once held a competition among the participants of the site the best design of several base web pages (such as card model, or a registration). In short, the results of the competition we are not satisfied. Received little work and their level of was generally very low.
plan to update the design in the spring.
- Integrating the shop with the club Panasonic
essence of integration is the single private office, a single authorization and discharge reviews on the technique of the club on the product pages online store. Hope to complete the integration by the summer 2011.

implementation of these plans has prevented banal lack of resources. There was no one to plan special events and jogs between the tables chiefs to obtain the necessary permits.

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How Long Does Walnut/alkyd Medium Dry

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