Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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list of experts on Digital CRM - Programmes loyalty and email marketing in RuNet

Looking for those who are not on the list, and versed in lead generation, digital CRM and email marketing.

1) Aliyev, Emin , Buongiorno
heads the Russian office of the Italian digital agency http://buongiornodigital.com/ , specializing in loyalty programs for brands and mobile marketing.
On RIW 2010 led section devoted to loyalty programs .

2) Bagoe Jean-Stephane , independent consultant email marketing
Frenchman in Russia since 2008.
I remember that comment attempts in email marketing experiment participants' Money 2.0 "

3) Nikolai Belousov , Panasonic
work in Panasonic Russia. In 2009 the club launched a loyalty http://club.panasonic.ru
supervise several more similar projects for different categories Technology Panasonic (eg, http://lumixclub.ru )

4) Volnov Eugene , Futurebit
spent several years working in companies Subscribe.ru, Ucoz and others.
recorded with Paul Golub podcast about Internet Marketing .
versed in email marketing.
Leads interesting blog about the email and CRM - http://conversation.futurebit.ru/

5) Demushkina Maria , Laredoute
4 years she worked in the department of Direct Marketing Ozon.ru.
year ago, moved into the company Laredoute (a famous French brand of clothes trade directories)

6) Alexey Lazarev , Otto
Until Otto, Alex worked for 3 years Laredoute.

7) Lapkin Anton , Futurebit
More than 7 years with the company Subcribe.ru, specializing in the email newsletters.

8) Mityushin Nicholas , ABRT
is the director of the fund ABRT and performed Project co-founder kupivip.ru
understands the mechanisms of interaction with consumers.

9) Leonid Nikolayev, Rassylki.Mail.ru
leads the Rassylok.Meyl.ru - Competitor mentioned in the list Subscribe.ru

10) Anton Terekhov , ex. Ozon.ru, TUI
a long time served as director of marketing Ozon.ru
is an expert in eCRM, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and web analytics.

11) Alexander Fomin , ex. Buongiorno
versed in loyalty marketing.

12) Vladislav Frolov , Philips
worked in the program loyalty "Malina", ARC, is now engaged in Internet activity Philips.

13) Hartmann Oscar , Kupivip.ru
famous for having founded kupivip.ru

14) Kirill Chistov , ex. Subscribe.ru
long time headed the Moscow office Subscribe.ru.
is an expert in CRM, email marketing, affiliate marketing.

15) Chuhnova Eugene , Ozon.ru
department is headed by direct marketing in ozon.ru

16) Gave Máel , Ozon.ru
Director of Marketing and CRM in Ozon.ru.