Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Made Pond Fountain


My. So Mom and Dad :-)
Mines We have pretty good!


From the date on which he was born, M., unimaginable pain, until the bowels, I make movies or books in which he refers to harm a child ... in which children suffer ... I avoid .
I avoid photos that document the places and events where children are victims ... I'm walking away
clench my eyes. And fists.
try not to think about the children sick. A terrible poverty. The homes where children are starving ...
and powerlessness.
But since I am a mother does not have the strength of this measure.
And I'm mad at myself, terribly wrong, because once, long ago, thinking about what the future would like to deal with, I believed that I would improve the world. I'll work for children. Those who were less fortunate ...
Nothing came of it. Although by the time I was close.
And I have a huge guilty conscience. I do not know what to do. With other priorities. With other ideas. Each other. For life.
I know that this is only my tchórzostwo.I mere laziness. Convenience.
But still I believe in myself. In that one yet ... I'll try

Children's Day today.
I would love that all children can be happy. To be able to be children. As long as possible!
And to be healthy.
That I wanted to. Most of the world.

Nothing in this world more precious than the smile of a child.

All the best to all children! And for those who did not stop them to be! Even against the metric ;-)

Whatis The Street Value For 5mg Diazepam


Prior, K-mart, Tesco ... I went to buy ice lolly (and some neon swimsuit). Who's ever seen, so I bought what I came to buy? I went with T-shirts (and overalls). Nanuk not let ...

... ... the whole sample overalls later
btw ... . This post contributes to longer evenings and Sunday ... Asus Sibe-in, or my blog ...
about me ... heh

Monster Energy Drink Logo Cake

I'd like ...

I thought, but I do not know how to write it and put together properly. So this article will be one big improvisation.

I'd like "sweet"! As my tastes ukočírovat? I give you "salty". The biggest problem is when I think of in my head bears an interesting conspiracy. And my dreams are like hot caramel! It does that make sense? Me neither. I am happy with the salt, and yet there's sweet tooth. My thoughts bend the fact that if you taste the sweet, I can be happy again with salty or sweet, I fancy? And then another question, how "sweet" to respond to the "sharp", it will also have a taste? The questions are many, so it'd better let vyšumět. I'm happy and in love, or just nalhávám. I have undermined confidence in yourself, let alone something ...

Fergie - Big Girls Do not Cry

I'll marry all the flavors and wait as it will go away if it will go away. Each flavor has to go sooner or later, or not?

Now I can jump to another topic altogether! I recently had a birthday, I learned how everyone I know well. I got the same earrings, necklaces, pendants, etc. I'm really grateful for it all. But on my birthday celebration appeared sour, I do not taste it, but I see that it would tasted sharp. So we are back to the topic of taste. I'm sorry for all tastes, and is beginning to resent. It's strange in one part of the rave, in the second turn, hate, and that's the big improvisation, which I realize, but it does not. It was not like me, restless blonde.

Novaspace - Do not Look Back

My medication must be salty diet, but how long it can hold. I want at all?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Petal Boats For Sale Arizona

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Possibilities For 3 Digit Lock

OK, I could so on to infinity.
photo by photo ...
there :-) Especially

for this weekend without a camera.
Necessary Therapy ;-)
I detox.
and weak battery, hehe!

shame and no.
Because we were here and there ...
celebrated a little more :-)
I really good have passed us these past two days.
lazy But it worked ...

dog days are coming!
How well have a piece of wood :-)

Good day!

And some pansies.
If someone asks me about my favorite flowers of pansies I probably would not exchange
... But hard to imagine the city without their greens!
pansies too :-) So
Cause I really like them.
least pretentious - even the name ;-)

Interactions. M., and makes me watching with pride. For many reasons. Among other things, because I see that it gets along great with other children. And only child ;-) Ah, well, in general it is wonderful! I say it myself, Mom ;-))) This natural distance, hehe, and objectivity :-)

Estriper Private En Bucaramanga

naive, stupid cow .... Tiramisu

I hate when the other * with ROU in matters in which none of them ...
was a very big mistake to talk about it all. I was happy with it, so I always liked about him is all the fun. But people are pretty motherfucker. All the problems I dealt with "kámoškama, listened to me and advise. But wrong. Ever since I gave them advice on everything went downhill. He lost confidence in me, I have a total chicken, which just tells everyone everything ...

I never meant that she did. I believed the girls and not him. But he was always the truth, he knew what was best for me, he could get me at ease. Girls just jealous. Sure I have a boyfriend, I have a room to myself, I am fine parents, I have no problems. So why can not I have everything at once ... Some of it I can not have. And they chose a boy! I just wanted to frustrate him. But I still see it, it dokonalýho boy kterýho love. For girls I'm naive, stupid cow that just lets you sweep. That you do not deserve me, let him find someone else ...

But I do not want anyone else! But they just listen ...

Today I write not to know what with him, but he needs to be alone. Let's not take a complete end, but a big break. I do not know what that means. I'm afraid that a week later I just say it's over. :(...

I do not know what to do ...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Willow Reeds Vs Bamboo

At night ...

John Brzechwy 'He told woodpecker owl' - today the pillow ...
to sleep ...
With more and more bledszym 'Ku Ku' already at the very end ...

And when he sleeps ... M.
a long time I look through his books ...

This Wolf Erlbrucha ulubiłam each other on an equal footing with the ... Once I told about it here.

so little words ...
so much content.
To think about ...
before retiring.
I love this book!


big question ...
And so many answers.

Sleep well!

And the rabbit - a beloved ... The most important cuddly M. I'm glad that he is!

Wagale Ki Duniyaall Epishod

the shelves ...

Przedweekendowo - książkowo

;-) From my shelves! And the shelves

Ruled supreme Lord flaps and Bobo! And recently, dachshund Anastasius ... Well
Ela :-) And I, in addition to new titles, I reach for my old stuff - the 'Back' among others ...
you know? With illustrations by Stasys
Eidrigevicius :-)

next week - if we do not exported stocks for a bit ;-) - I invite you to review the news of the Book Fair!

Happy Friday!

tyyyle happened yesterday that I no longer have time today, with stories ... Because we're on the run! From early morning!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Bag Welcome Note


Trututututu !!!!!
Today, Mother's Day :-)

Today for MAM so wishes.
Satisfaction. I met ...
Ah, zrymowało up ;-)
Performance first and foremost.
And many, many reasons to rejoice! And to be proud of!

I careless! Absolutely! In spite of the concerns and worries though!
I still have my Mom to take this opportunity today ... Such
years ago ... Younger than me ;-)

Mom! Best wishes ...

Celebrate, We have a dear!
Also, these freshly baked
:-) And today and every day ...

was supposed to be a song for I have ... Very special!
Unfortunately, I failed to attach a sound file ...
Does anyone know why? Maybe there are some limitations in terms of size? Because I tried to move the sound file like the video ... I could not

:-( ***
And at the end ... For me yesterday touching Deli dobranocną your story ... and when I returned to the House , I immediately reached for a camera ...

And with us today, really festive ...
M. Daddy took the day off - probably because he wished to celebrate Mother's Day only to wake up 9.30!
I mean the weekend, but since this is assumed
... ;-) But anyway we got up before seven! Trutututu! So
And then a good dinner ...
Malinová And ice cream!
and photo session in my new shirt ;-) thematic session with me in the lead role! Extremely ;-)

And in the evening we go to the concert with A.! The two :-) We

What a nice change!
Because yesterday a real race against time and the black series in the morning ... M. sharp nabroił ;-) Among other things, ate two tires - hehe - the ones with the tiny, wooden toy cars! The third I managed to pull him from the stomach ;-) I really freaked out right now!
Oh, since I became a mother, I got to know the true meaning of the word 'split second' ;-)

Good day!
mothers in particular :-)

Speech For Golden Anniversary By Son

I wish life was as sweet as dessert. But specifically Tiramisu is like life, all things inside that sweet sauce hiding cake nacucaný bitter coffee and cocoa on top (perhaps no less bitter and more). Tiramisu enjoying as well as the fact that we live. I enjoy every morsel of food per day!

And I'm enjoying it lately . I have a wonderful boyfriend, great family, and osůbku what helps me lately (and I guess maybe I do it), going out with friends, at school, it is fairly ... But I still can not figure out what I need. Maybe a child excited about it all?

Ray Gelato - Mambo gelato

I recently spent an evening with good Raven to unplanned coffee. We both satisfy your cravings for sweet delicious Tiramisu! And there she appeared happy, but still not strong enough to keep me awake to life. Alone in the spirit of screaming at each other. "Well, I live my gosh!" I live, just not here. I feel really alive only in their perfect counterpart ( current boyfriend), so they now disagree. Before I knew how to live alone. So who killed me like that? Former Prince ( former boyfriend)! I wanted to tell him how badly I hurt, I had a chance! I wanted him back, but I had a chance! I did not have any chance to attack or defend. I was left unprotected and mortally wounded. However, the wounds heal, slowly but surely.
Now that I have my perfect match and I'm happy, so I can still live! I fear to joy just because of fear he would let me in hysterical wailing! I'm confused and incomplete, this is my first article as the article!

You've got my emotional Baring, so let me be the ridicule of the pillory !

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Façana Oriental Louvre

CA (la Pi)

In dress, sweater-cutting, shoe-Bonprix, ring-niekde z LND, eyeglass-Cavalli

... venovane my cat (S + Z) ...