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How Long Breastfeding Is Allowed In Islam

holographic stickers

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Mild Tenting Of Left Dome Of Diaphragm

Why Cieaura?!

now I discovered the company, which is simply fell in love and I can say with confidence that the best company for the line simply does not have health in the world!
This Siaura!
revolutionary new technology of 21 century!
Description CieAura - a company whose products enable the body to restore energy balance at the level at which it was laid down by nature to our bodies was as strong as the majestic mountains of Nevada.
CieAura - a company that represents one of the most innovative marketing plan that includes the best basis for conducting business such as online and off-line.
target audience of the product - every single person on the planet ranging from small children and ending 70-80 year old people!
advantage of CieAura

1. EXCLUSIVE line of business, rather than existing varieties. Companies that operate in the modern MLM market in this direction, no more than a dozen. This is - a huge advantage for the job.

2. Affordable entry price in the business for most applicants. There several options "to enter»:
a) HOME PACKAGE $ 119, 85 + $ 39
b) BUSINESS PACKAGE $ 359.55 + $ 39
c) SUPER-PACK $ 1480, 20 + $ 39
($ 39 value highly-functional personal back- office with e-shop).
Choose for yourself, correlated with your goals and opportunities!

3. Massive demand - products are in demand in every family. Products should enjoy the real, not artificially generated advertising demand.
Every family wants to have in your home medicine cabinet, rather than tablets with side effects such holograms, which, depending on the formula used and their location, give great effects!
Not to be confused with the patches Have some deposition, which often produce an allergic reaction (even at the patch itself)!

4. Minimum market competition among similar projects.
Business people realize that does not make sense to start a business in a competitive environment. Compare the number of companies Badam, cosmetics and so on., The number of which exceeded one hundred, and they are more and more every day! Products, such as in an assortment SiAury, at the current consumer market, in practice, No!

5. Owners:
a) must be really rich and wealthy, not hope, and build a business on the investors' money and so on. Our company is rich and at the beginning of 7 years to build a business and conducted all the research and only now comes into the MLM industry.
All co-owners of the company - millionaires. Each of them has information on the corporate website
b) - have a good business and "human" reputation. Behind them there is no negative information.
about each co-owner of a short working information here
in) - the owners should be not less than 3, and they must have the same "weight". It
this condition creates potential for sound decision-making by majority vote. Here are 3.
d) the science base, production and sales should be in the hands of one person, one direction, otherwise there is always redistribution of resources and conflicts. Ken Rasner - co-owner and president of the company for production.
e) The company must have a plan for business development in other areas and be interested in this, and not by the leaders of open representative offices. And there leader - there is representation, there is no leader there is no representation.

6. Obligatory presence of the monthly purchases to a reasonable consumer norms. For
To place your business, the product must buy every day, the revenues should come every day, and this should be the network standard mandatory procurement in the amount of monthly consumption of the family. 1 package per month in our company - is the rate below the monthly consumption of the family. In a month - one package of choice - $ 40 This is a steady increase in turnover of the company, this is a real online business. This rate, the rate of consumption, rather than sales. If the norm monthly would be 10 packets, it does not belong to the network company. Such companies make distributors in sales.

8. The company officially registered and has all relevant documents to work in the market, and they should be available for anyone. Registration of companies - United States. In each country, opening of official representation will be made out strictly according to the legislation of the country.

9. The Company strictly strictly observe the rules of work and commitments made, both by the partners (upon signing the contract, or the Treaty) and the owners of the company (Administration).
In the U.S., the violation of law has more strictly than in the CIS countries. Self-will
owners can be discussed in court.

10. Profitable Marketing plan, which allows you to create multiple sources of income.
Binar + Classic = 7 sources of income.

11. No risk for the work payment to the company. You get the tools to work - office, production and the possibility of training and running your own business. In the development of the business you are investing their intellectual work and time. There are no financial investment.

12. The maximum sponsorship:
personal website with automatic registration.
well-equipped, professional office.
ON-line-conference and leadership training.
Structural chat.
Conduct rendezvous (on-line and off-line) to help the partners of the sponsors.
support and availability of sponsors in the vertical.
special events at the request of Leaders.
Provide informational materials from sponsors.
mailing information materials.

13. Ability to create a business perspective, and its transfer by inheritance.

14. Lack of rotation of electronic money and the official transfer of the banking system user on-line

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Diagram Outside Light And Sensor

Top posts in 2010 about working in social media

One of my favorite news aggregator,, has published a list of ten most clickable posts on the activity of brands in social media. Here is seven of them, the most useful and relevant.
Top most read posts on the new Media for 2010:
  • 21 ways to rack up Facebook fans (4 / 27)
  • Description of legal instruments to increase the number of your subscribers on Facebook. I confess that I myself have tried to force 2.3 ways. Worth a try, and others.

What do you think about whether to expand the list of articles, amounting to digest interesting material on the subject? Offer in the comments and their examples of interesting and useful texts.

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Cervical Yeast Mucous

Part 1: On the approach to the planning Internet marketing tools

This post has been brewing for a long time. Its purpose, explained, Why brands in the network is extremely helpless, and the majority of special projects in the network are unable to influence the business results of companies.

On the same theme I made Last Sunday as part of the course caviar, and we have to admit that the lecture was a failure. Big question, and I decided to split into 3 parts:

Part 1 : Description of the consumer cycle and the applicability of the tools of Internet marketing
Part 2 : good / bad special projects. Examples and principles
Part 3 : Special projects, aimed at selling

There is such a thing as a consumer cycle.
gist of it is that a person goes through several stages of assessment information about a product, make informed decisions based on the data obtained.
That is, everything in life is not just, and any deliberate the purchase precedes the process of decision (there is also impulsive decisions, but we can do without them).

process described in the classic marketing for quite some time. Thus were born
model AIDA / AISCEAS / (Familiarity, information search, comparison, decision making, actions after purchase).
decision-making model, by hook or crook overtaken the Internet, comparing the tools of Internet marketing decision-making stage:

Step 1: Recognition
Media advertising
Newsletter on external media (eg,
Special projects (integration of applications and their own development, massive contests)
What special projects.
clear definition still there, but generally - almost any non-standard brand presence online, whether it's integration with the game on a social network Vkontakte, or a competition site
announcements for their own advertising and earned media (website, database users, social media)

2 Step: Search information
Search Engine Optimization
Contextual advertising
Web PR and advertorialy
discussion forum

Step 3: Comparison
Reviews in the price-catalogs
Web PR and advertorialy (comparison with konkurentami)
Diskussii Forum
Online conferences predstavitelem o brand products

4 Shag: Prinyatie solutions
Working with online riteylerami
Special offer when buying goods
Special Projects
announcements for their own advertising and earned media (website, database users, social media)

Step 5: Post-purchase
Community brand / product
CRM program (tips + newsletter + personalization)

Any proposed solution, be it a special project or a whole set of solutions for product promotion should be based on the following principles:
idea how special project brings the USP of the product (to a special project carrying a unique product and could not be easily duplicated)
As the resulting project results will affect the position of the product on the market.

Reflection the positions of the product - the most important question, because usually the results of any project we get figures like the ephemeral "Coverage, user involvement, Cost clique growth of the brand. "

They need to be translated into understandable business performance.

  • was knowledge about the product 0, was 13% among those who saw the advertisement.
  • desire to buy a product appeared in 30% of people who read the article about him
  • Among participants, 10% of people have expressed their desire to buy goods
  • Interaction with e-shop will increase product sales by 64%.
  • As a result, an integrated advertising campaign, share of the product in search queries in this category was 23%, compared to 17% at the beginning of the campaign
  • campaign in social media has led to the fact that 100% of mentions similar products on the web, 40% had at our product.
  • Share of voice (the share of advertising exposure) was 20%. Incidentally, this figure almost nothing, except for size budgets of competitors, but he goes and traditional marketing

is important to understand and how to solve minor problems.
last couple of years, we have to try actively integrate the projects with each other. For example, competition on a large site with a brand account in sots. networks. As a result of such activities, it is important to know which was carried out integration projects and what results it has achieved.
enough to say: "We will integrate with your competition social media. " You need to have the rules of this integration and clear expectations of results.

reminder just in case.
All projects must be planned based on the principle of SMART
Specific (Specific)
Measurable (Measurable)
Achievable (Achivable)
result-oriented (Result-oriented)
correlated with a specific term (Timed)
modeled situation brief on the product.
There are camera TZ10. When you run the camera on the market, we conducted a campaign to increase knowledge about the product. A lot of banners, TV commercials, special projects and competitions.
task of increasing knowledge about the product is not worth it.
Now we are planning a campaign that encourages people to buy.

Accordingly, consider the steps 2-4 and think of what these activities have little or no. Forming an understanding in each area.

example, search information :

  • PPC advertising and search engine optimization

Determine the volume of searches for cameras in this segment, including competitors. Put
a plan - coverage of 100% of requests, including competitors. For this we use the context and search engine optimization

  • Yandex Direct
  • Google Adwords
  • Begun
  • Rorer
  • Vkontakte
  • Facebook
  • Other placement system graphically-text content

Comparison :

  • PR article (look at whether all reputable sites there are texts about our product. If not all, develop a deployment plan. The next step - promotion hosted articles)

  • Advertorialy
  • PR package (banner and pop-promoting articles)
  • discussions on the forums (This work is long term and unlikely to be well implemented in the context of promotion one product, you need to find the opinion leaders, local forums, invite them to their activities, to give products to the test, etc.)

If we are to go to activity, aimed at selling it in the first place:

  • Placing of goods in shops in the positions of the goods of the day, etc.
  • Promotion of special events on one channel brand through media advertising (like SD card or a gift membership is for life, etc.)

For what reasons should "wrap up" Special Project:

  • If the product can easily be replaced by products of any other brand
  • If not thought through the purpose and compliance with any of the steps in making decisions by the user or connected with the overall advertising strategy in the network
  • When it is not clear exactly how the auction will affect the product. On what it was designed - knowledge about the product? Whereas it will be measured by this knowledge before and after?
  • When the KPI does not correspond to the task or Offering non-obvious KPI - coverage (as is?) involved users (for some reason they are considered visitors to the contest page, or model), the participants (A couple hundred participants as a special project KPI - simply will not do. That's participants are the main carriers of information about the product on special projects and important to make thousands, tens of thousands of participants).
  • When not thought through the mechanics of involving large numbers of users
  • When the integration with social media described in words, and offered, but in fact did not occur within the project

PS Yet the example of a correct, in my view the approach to advertising activity.
Special Projects, where the product is the main hero / protagonist.
We handed the camera TZ10 10 party-goers, and they photographed using it his party:

Photojournalist handed the camera to smki different events. In the end, he publishes texts and pictures, and photos with We explain exactly what function is allowed to take a similar picture:
Two special project brings together the fact that the product - the main protagonist.
We show how it solves the stated problem, and familiar with it many people as possible.

Until the next part!