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How Long Breastfeding Is Allowed In Islam

holographic stickers

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Mild Tenting Of Left Dome Of Diaphragm

Why Cieaura?!

now I discovered the company, which is simply fell in love and I can say with confidence that the best company for the line simply does not have health in the world!
This Siaura!
revolutionary new technology of 21 century!
Description CieAura - a company whose products enable the body to restore energy balance at the level at which it was laid down by nature to our bodies was as strong as the majestic mountains of Nevada.
CieAura - a company that represents one of the most innovative marketing plan that includes the best basis for conducting business such as online and off-line.
target audience of the product - every single person on the planet ranging from small children and ending 70-80 year old people!
advantage of CieAura

1. EXCLUSIVE line of business, rather than existing varieties. Companies that operate in the modern MLM market in this direction, no more than a dozen. This is - a huge advantage for the job.

2. Affordable entry price in the business for most applicants. There several options "to enter»:
a) HOME PACKAGE $ 119, 85 + $ 39
b) BUSINESS PACKAGE $ 359.55 + $ 39
c) SUPER-PACK $ 1480, 20 + $ 39
($ 39 value highly-functional personal back- office with e-shop).
Choose for yourself, correlated with your goals and opportunities!

3. Massive demand - products are in demand in every family. Products should enjoy the real, not artificially generated advertising demand.
Every family wants to have in your home medicine cabinet, rather than tablets with side effects such holograms, which, depending on the formula used and their location, give great effects!
Not to be confused with the patches Have some deposition, which often produce an allergic reaction (even at the patch itself)!

4. Minimum market competition among similar projects.
Business people realize that does not make sense to start a business in a competitive environment. Compare the number of companies Badam, cosmetics and so on., The number of which exceeded one hundred, and they are more and more every day! Products, such as in an assortment SiAury, at the current consumer market, in practice, No!

5. Owners:
a) must be really rich and wealthy, not hope, and build a business on the investors' money and so on. Our company is rich and at the beginning of 7 years to build a business and conducted all the research and only now comes into the MLM industry.
All co-owners of the company - millionaires. Each of them has information on the corporate website
b) - have a good business and "human" reputation. Behind them there is no negative information.
about each co-owner of a short working information here
in) - the owners should be not less than 3, and they must have the same "weight". It
this condition creates potential for sound decision-making by majority vote. Here are 3.
d) the science base, production and sales should be in the hands of one person, one direction, otherwise there is always redistribution of resources and conflicts. Ken Rasner - co-owner and president of the company for production.
e) The company must have a plan for business development in other areas and be interested in this, and not by the leaders of open representative offices. And there leader - there is representation, there is no leader there is no representation.

6. Obligatory presence of the monthly purchases to a reasonable consumer norms. For
To place your business, the product must buy every day, the revenues should come every day, and this should be the network standard mandatory procurement in the amount of monthly consumption of the family. 1 package per month in our company - is the rate below the monthly consumption of the family. In a month - one package of choice - $ 40 This is a steady increase in turnover of the company, this is a real online business. This rate, the rate of consumption, rather than sales. If the norm monthly would be 10 packets, it does not belong to the network company. Such companies make distributors in sales.

8. The company officially registered and has all relevant documents to work in the market, and they should be available for anyone. Registration of companies - United States. In each country, opening of official representation will be made out strictly according to the legislation of the country.

9. The Company strictly strictly observe the rules of work and commitments made, both by the partners (upon signing the contract, or the Treaty) and the owners of the company (Administration).
In the U.S., the violation of law has more strictly than in the CIS countries. Self-will
owners can be discussed in court.

10. Profitable Marketing plan, which allows you to create multiple sources of income.
Binar + Classic = 7 sources of income.

11. No risk for the work payment to the company. You get the tools to work - office, production and the possibility of training and running your own business. In the development of the business you are investing their intellectual work and time. There are no financial investment.

12. The maximum sponsorship:
personal website with automatic registration.
well-equipped, professional office.
ON-line-conference and leadership training.
Structural chat.
Conduct rendezvous (on-line and off-line) to help the partners of the sponsors.
support and availability of sponsors in the vertical.
special events at the request of Leaders.
Provide informational materials from sponsors.
mailing information materials.

13. Ability to create a business perspective, and its transfer by inheritance.

14. Lack of rotation of electronic money and the official transfer of the banking system user on-line

my site

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Diagram Outside Light And Sensor

Top posts in 2010 about working in social media

One of my favorite news aggregator,, has published a list of ten most clickable posts on the activity of brands in social media. Here is seven of them, the most useful and relevant.
Top most read posts on the new Media for 2010:
  • 21 ways to rack up Facebook fans (4 / 27)
  • Description of legal instruments to increase the number of your subscribers on Facebook. I confess that I myself have tried to force 2.3 ways. Worth a try, and others.

What do you think about whether to expand the list of articles, amounting to digest interesting material on the subject? Offer in the comments and their examples of interesting and useful texts.

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Cervical Yeast Mucous

Part 1: On the approach to the planning Internet marketing tools

This post has been brewing for a long time. Its purpose, explained, Why brands in the network is extremely helpless, and the majority of special projects in the network are unable to influence the business results of companies.

On the same theme I made Last Sunday as part of the course caviar, and we have to admit that the lecture was a failure. Big question, and I decided to split into 3 parts:

Part 1 : Description of the consumer cycle and the applicability of the tools of Internet marketing
Part 2 : good / bad special projects. Examples and principles
Part 3 : Special projects, aimed at selling

There is such a thing as a consumer cycle.
gist of it is that a person goes through several stages of assessment information about a product, make informed decisions based on the data obtained.
That is, everything in life is not just, and any deliberate the purchase precedes the process of decision (there is also impulsive decisions, but we can do without them).

process described in the classic marketing for quite some time. Thus were born
model AIDA / AISCEAS / (Familiarity, information search, comparison, decision making, actions after purchase).
decision-making model, by hook or crook overtaken the Internet, comparing the tools of Internet marketing decision-making stage:

Step 1: Recognition
Media advertising
Newsletter on external media (eg,
Special projects (integration of applications and their own development, massive contests)
What special projects.
clear definition still there, but generally - almost any non-standard brand presence online, whether it's integration with the game on a social network Vkontakte, or a competition site
announcements for their own advertising and earned media (website, database users, social media)

2 Step: Search information
Search Engine Optimization
Contextual advertising
Web PR and advertorialy
discussion forum

Step 3: Comparison
Reviews in the price-catalogs
Web PR and advertorialy (comparison with konkurentami)
Diskussii Forum
Online conferences predstavitelem o brand products

4 Shag: Prinyatie solutions
Working with online riteylerami
Special offer when buying goods
Special Projects
announcements for their own advertising and earned media (website, database users, social media)

Step 5: Post-purchase
Community brand / product
CRM program (tips + newsletter + personalization)

Any proposed solution, be it a special project or a whole set of solutions for product promotion should be based on the following principles:
idea how special project brings the USP of the product (to a special project carrying a unique product and could not be easily duplicated)
As the resulting project results will affect the position of the product on the market.

Reflection the positions of the product - the most important question, because usually the results of any project we get figures like the ephemeral "Coverage, user involvement, Cost clique growth of the brand. "

They need to be translated into understandable business performance.

  • was knowledge about the product 0, was 13% among those who saw the advertisement.
  • desire to buy a product appeared in 30% of people who read the article about him
  • Among participants, 10% of people have expressed their desire to buy goods
  • Interaction with e-shop will increase product sales by 64%.
  • As a result, an integrated advertising campaign, share of the product in search queries in this category was 23%, compared to 17% at the beginning of the campaign
  • campaign in social media has led to the fact that 100% of mentions similar products on the web, 40% had at our product.
  • Share of voice (the share of advertising exposure) was 20%. Incidentally, this figure almost nothing, except for size budgets of competitors, but he goes and traditional marketing

is important to understand and how to solve minor problems.
last couple of years, we have to try actively integrate the projects with each other. For example, competition on a large site with a brand account in sots. networks. As a result of such activities, it is important to know which was carried out integration projects and what results it has achieved.
enough to say: "We will integrate with your competition social media. " You need to have the rules of this integration and clear expectations of results.

reminder just in case.
All projects must be planned based on the principle of SMART
Specific (Specific)
Measurable (Measurable)
Achievable (Achivable)
result-oriented (Result-oriented)
correlated with a specific term (Timed)
modeled situation brief on the product.
There are camera TZ10. When you run the camera on the market, we conducted a campaign to increase knowledge about the product. A lot of banners, TV commercials, special projects and competitions.
task of increasing knowledge about the product is not worth it.
Now we are planning a campaign that encourages people to buy.

Accordingly, consider the steps 2-4 and think of what these activities have little or no. Forming an understanding in each area.

example, search information :

  • PPC advertising and search engine optimization

Determine the volume of searches for cameras in this segment, including competitors. Put
a plan - coverage of 100% of requests, including competitors. For this we use the context and search engine optimization

  • Yandex Direct
  • Google Adwords
  • Begun
  • Rorer
  • Vkontakte
  • Facebook
  • Other placement system graphically-text content

Comparison :

  • PR article (look at whether all reputable sites there are texts about our product. If not all, develop a deployment plan. The next step - promotion hosted articles)

  • Advertorialy
  • PR package (banner and pop-promoting articles)
  • discussions on the forums (This work is long term and unlikely to be well implemented in the context of promotion one product, you need to find the opinion leaders, local forums, invite them to their activities, to give products to the test, etc.)

If we are to go to activity, aimed at selling it in the first place:

  • Placing of goods in shops in the positions of the goods of the day, etc.
  • Promotion of special events on one channel brand through media advertising (like SD card or a gift membership is for life, etc.)

For what reasons should "wrap up" Special Project:

  • If the product can easily be replaced by products of any other brand
  • If not thought through the purpose and compliance with any of the steps in making decisions by the user or connected with the overall advertising strategy in the network
  • When it is not clear exactly how the auction will affect the product. On what it was designed - knowledge about the product? Whereas it will be measured by this knowledge before and after?
  • When the KPI does not correspond to the task or Offering non-obvious KPI - coverage (as is?) involved users (for some reason they are considered visitors to the contest page, or model), the participants (A couple hundred participants as a special project KPI - simply will not do. That's participants are the main carriers of information about the product on special projects and important to make thousands, tens of thousands of participants).
  • When not thought through the mechanics of involving large numbers of users
  • When the integration with social media described in words, and offered, but in fact did not occur within the project

PS Yet the example of a correct, in my view the approach to advertising activity.
Special Projects, where the product is the main hero / protagonist.
We handed the camera TZ10 10 party-goers, and they photographed using it his party:

Photojournalist handed the camera to smki different events. In the end, he publishes texts and pictures, and photos with We explain exactly what function is allowed to take a similar picture:
Two special project brings together the fact that the product - the main protagonist.
We show how it solves the stated problem, and familiar with it many people as possible.

Until the next part!

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Redken Wella Equivalent Colors

Post 21. Everyone loves to talk about himself and his impressions

After nearly 3-month silence, decided to recall the fact that we continue to work actively in social media. And yes, we can not boast of major achievements in the form tens of thousands of subscribers in our profiles in social services. networks, but we see that the number of people who have read, is growing steadily, as well as their activity.

most we have moved in the conduct of our profiles - Panasonic in Vkontakte, a Livejournal, on Twitter, on Facebook. We have developed rules of communication at these sites, frequency and placement of news topics, and glad to see that in most cases, readers have taken and viewed positively.

* Experience in Livejournal *

In Livejournal, for example, we initially placed 8 text per month, that is, 2 per week. Topics positions - stories about the technique of Panasonic, the cases of its history, interesting facts about Japan, reports on our master classes and seminars.

first couple of months we have difficulty in collecting and a commentary on the written text, which at first glance, a sad (in fact one of the criteria for a successful blog is number of comments for each post), but we realized that the low activity is due to commentators calm the content of the posts. It's true, that you can write a comment to the story of the Japanese bridge, or the history of life Konosuke Matsushita.

most active users are displayed in texts describing their participation in activities conducted by us (and for the summer, we conducted a series of master classes and workshops, inviting bloggers and users Internet social networks). Where it was about the personal emotions and involvement of users, the readers wanted to share my thoughts, express thanks and wishes for future events. Seeing this activity, we decided to significantly expand both the geography and the frequency of master classes. So this fall, only about photographic held 10 seminars in 10 cities of Russia. In parallel, we are planning a series of master classes on household appliances. For all of them We will invite users of social networks and further illuminate the results of the event on their blogs and the club's website Panasonic.

As far as our literary texts, we decided to add the button placement for itself (in livejournal recently appeared functional, allowing to add a favorite text in your blog with one click). Look at the beginning of November will be whether the button to be popular.

clear that in addition to interesting texts and tabulation of master classes, to post provocative article, comparisons with competitors, and polls. Such materials are already writing. First summarize the results by early December.

Do the math, then on our community in LJ 109 people signed. The figure is small, but pleasant. Still, more than 100!

To get to the biggest brands in the livejournal community remains recruit another 400 bloggers. To do this, stock up terpeniyaem and ideas. We collect them now. For example, appeal to the well-known bloggers and yaponistam proposed lead our community, covering topics of interest to them and held the contest. As long as communication takes place only at the level of words, but hopefully by the end of this year will be the first examples of cooperation.

about statistics and performance evaluation, I still will.
community itself, we started to keep the summer. From about July 2010. That is
Now comes the fourth month of reference.
Mass frendovaniem and other unethical means to promote, we did not use.
Advertising Learn, too, have not placed. Known Bloggers on us to be invoked.
therefore logical that we grows rather slowly. Approximately 20 new subscribers per month. I will not say it is bad or well, nothing to compare /
And LJ is not such an active market, which was 3-4 years ago. The main thing - grow up. Total
Learn - 15 communities of brands and 5 blogs:
not so much for a platform with millions of personal blogs.

Finally, a nice bonus - rating brands Learn by number of subscribers.

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Free Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Doujinshi

Internet commerce. Let the activity report online store you talking

distracted from the topic of social media and around and return to Internet commerce, and reporting.

You know, the reports - the most important part of the work, which allows you to see on business with bird's-eye view and see what is erased in a daily routine.

In this post I would like to compile a list of questions that should be responsible Report on the activities of an online store (not a report on work in social media and do not report on the progress of the campaign. To them, if there is a wish, we will move immediately after).

report needed to perform tasks:
- Managing attendance
- Sales and marketing (sales promotion)
- warehouse management Inventory
- Managing range
- Development Management Site
- Quality management of order processing and customer satisfaction
- Management reputable shop

report should answer the questions:

Sales and marketing
- What we have turnover in the last month? Is it our expectations?
- What did we do to increase your sales / traffic and how effectively they worked our actions?
- Are there enough well-paid advertising works and how increase in turnover (ROI> 1)?
- Is it good working promotions (sales growth)?
- fired a final distribution? What proposals should include in future It is worth and what is not?
- Are we doing cross-sale, up-sale and are there ways to improve the effectiveness of actions aimed at it?

- Is there a commodities that stale? What are some ideas to implement them?

customer service and reputation
- Are all customers are satisfied with delivery times and service? If yes, how we motivate them to leaving positive feedback for us?

Website and its optimization
- What changes to the site over the last month and how they impact on business performance? What we plan to do in the future and how it should affect the conversion, attendance, etc.?
- At what stages drop off visitors? What we have done and plan to do to improve the conversion
- What we plan to do in the coming months to improve the quality / speed service, increase sales? What are our expectations of the innovations?

the right questions with a detailed assessment of clients in a survey, assessment of Loyalty customers, but so far I do not have sufficient expertise to do so. Waiting and your questions - that should say a report?

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Healthist Dried Fruit

Possible objectives campaigns in social media

Linked to why there are social media tool for reaching a goal?

For starters, what are active in social media:
1) One-time action aimed at launching a new product
2) Ongoing work on cultivating a loyal audience

1) One-time action aimed at launching a new product
For example, VW launches on market a new avtmobil and social services are organized competitions, is put in an application vkontakte, blozhek Learn and stuff.
result of this activity is a group of people know about the new product and prozaimodeystvovavshaya with the brand. Brand
happy? Rad.
audience happy? Uh-uh, broken.
Often such communication (Contests, interesting stories) are interesting to both sides - and the brand and the audience. But the brand is not ready to broadcast the whole year.
Yes, and does not know how.

I still remember about the launch of Xperia from Sony Ericsson.
LJ community with posts of participants unexpectedly died, leaving no hope for a sequel. (To its credit, the same Sony Ericsson, I note that the guys are gone on the long and thankless path, which below).

2) Ongoing work on cultivating a loyal audience (and activation already vzroschennoy audience in specific action)

If recently we thought that just open a page advertising in Twitter and this will stir users (and remember the launch of twitter @ panasonic_ru, and it was).
That the further we go into the forest, the more I realized that the "hook" to draw in people and their faith becomes more difficult.
Brands tired users of social services for his attempts to make friends.
argument that brands do not so I will leave fellow journalists, and the summarizing their thoughts about what to do and how:

1) Long-term work in social media
work correctly only in the long term (to the reader was comfortable and he knew that once you've started to communicate with him, it will not go anywhere).
active in social media today - it's an investment with no apparent time payback.
To understand where there is a point bezubotochnosti these investments, we must take into account too ephemeral factors: a love for the brand, the presence of the CA brand Soc. service, getting the brand in the interests of the user's own materials, informational public relations field, the possibility of activation of loyal audience.

2) Integration with contests and other promotional activity
Contests and Flight (one-time actions) in social media will not disappear, but the audience, engaging with their help, we must convert the members of their communities.

3) goal-setting
Activism brand in social media should be directed to solve a particular problem. It can be user support or loyalty.
And in the case of the formulation in the form of target user loyalty, I think not only have profiles on social media. In the brand should be its own ground, which he uses to unite users from different services, as well as side tasks (identification of users opinion leaders, the activation of loyal users, functional, inaccessible to the social profiles)

4) Announcement of the start of activities in social media
In the first stage launch profiles on social media is very important to inform those of his Activity maximum number of people.
Use the user database, a website and contact with journalists. If you are a big brand, it is possible that You can write about in the business press. But their readers quite a bit on the Internet. Write in trade publications and niche soc. services.

5) The socialization of its site
his site (the center of your digital activities) Socialize organically.
To date, other than FB, yet no man has gone far towards providing payload from the social graph. On the FB world is large enough, add authorization through and vkontakte.

6) Insights audience
Gather insights audience area. If
understand what information may be of interest to a particular site, it is difficult, the easiest way to find answers through experiment.
Divide the published information on the types and styles of feed, watch the reaction of users to them. Compose an editorial grid, then make sure that only publish interesting material.

7) Work with the agency
If you're not yourself (and the majority of such companies), try to organize the work with the agency so that every 2 weeks to assess their progress, the reaction of users, together with those who lead your corporate page. Discuss with them subject positions, make decisions, to penetrate. And may they delve.

forgot to specify another type of activity:
3) Long-term value creation for users
Suitable for most brands, which it is impossible to build a community around its products.
Example: Alex Hodorych as if not beat, will not be able to create Community alkonavtov around moonshine and make a group about the "mafia" and its title sponsor to designate a "Moonshine", may well be.
Or those same manufacturers of diapers. Make a twitter account about diapers no one will, of course. But about the lives of young parents and advice them, please.

Note: What I mean by Social CRM, it is only working on the transfer of CRM as Customer Support and elements of direct marketing online and in any case is not an automatic collection of data on iterations users in social media.

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How To Remove Ash Color From Hair

About Us and Drafts.

Register for free:

dividend is payable on demand .

Stock Company ASTRALBIT I-TECHNOLOGY Incorporated, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica in accordance with the Law on International Commercial Companies of 1996. Registration Number 15476 of September 29, 2010.
Company Registered Address: The Commonwealth of Dominica, 00152, city of Roseau Valley, Kopthol Street, Building 8.

Society created in order to do business in the Internet-based network development and operation of Socio-game portal «AstralBit»

Nominal value shares issued by the company indicated in the currency of the Russian Federation. The Company produces only registered shares.
registered Announced share capital of the Company shall be 60,000,000,000 rubles, which is divided into 60,000,000,000 shares of shares of 1 ruble each, all shares of the same type.
All paid shares are voting (1 share - one vote).
issue of shares controlled by members of the Board of Directors of the Company that its decision to define the objectives, powers, preferences, rights, reservations, restrictions and prohibitions in respect of any shares issued.
company may issue only registered shares.

The register of shareholders is EFOBS LTD Commonwealth of Dominica, 00152, city of Roseau Valley, Kopthol Street, Building 8 State registration number 15372 dated 26 July 2010.
liability of shareholders is limited.
Office (and accounting) of the Company conducted in Russian. The Company chooses accounting standards.
The new office is open Monday, Monday Daily from 11:00 to 19:00 hours. Actual location:
123007, Moscow, st. 2nd Khoroshevskii travel, 9 / 2, office 101, the Company EFOBS LTD.
Company was established with a view to pooling the collective investment of all interested investors and their direct investment in the project AstralBit - Mega Gaming Internet portal. ( )
members / shareholders of the Company are the direct owners of the Project in accordance with the number of shares bought back and enjoy all the rights and obligations apply the law to the shareholders.
Project AstralBit, aims to create and implement an investment-attractive activities in the field of modern information technology with the use of the Internet.
project is aimed at attracting a broad audience of users and investors from around the world.
main application focus of the project AstralBit - create a virtual space for communication and entertainment on a single portal.
Portal begins its existence with the provision of standard Internet services such as: web mail, search engine system, chat, interest groups and others to facilitate the work of the Internet and allowing for its effective use.
At this stage will be generated user interface portal and laid the mechanisms for payments, which implements the idea of \u200b\u200bits own payment system.
This project relates to the field of online entertainment, its functional core is unprecedented in its scale gaming space, has no currently unique in world practice.
In recent years, the Russian online games market is growing much faster than the world, the annual growth rate closely approaching the mark of 200%.
revenue growth and profits in online entertainment related, as with increasing audience of online games, and with increasing size of payments within the game space.
For example, the most popular in the world of the online game World of Warcraft American company Blizzard has 8 million permanent Subscribers and brings an annual revenue of more than one billion dollars.
All in all, fans of online gaming entertainment in 2009, brought the company income of $ 74 billion.
estimated world-famous research company Strategy Analytics, revenue in the global market of online gaming will grow, at least 25% per year. Project "AstralBit" - this grand virtual world where people can meet their needs the most fantastic.

He can save the world, to become a magician, to realize the dreams and communicate with the like-minded people.
world is full of mysteries, the dangers to be overcome many difficulties before his master.
From fighting with wild creatures and deforestation, drying of wetland areas for the construction of settlements, struggle with the elements and finding safe places to live on this planet, before the construction of modern cities with highly developed infrastructure in the spirit the epic "Star Wars".
Each user will be able to find a use in this new world, and most importantly, the money earned in the virtual world, the player can be exchanged for real.
In the online world, everything can be similar to real life, this is what attracts users.
If, however, reject all the romance, the invention of the most unimaginable and endless plot has only one objective: to engage in this process as soon as possible more players and do not let them out of role-playing game for years.
logic of our game is designed so that, for the successful promotion of character, or "pumping" hero of virtual money that are given for certain achievements in the game, constantly lacking. Therefore, the player captures the spirit of excitement, and they add real money for the purchase of tools and items that need their heroes.
Estimating the potential profitability is at a level of 50-70% per annum, but according to some independent experts to reach up to 250% per annum.
Through the use of investor funds and proceeds from sales of services to visitors Internet portal for the first two years of planning to achieve the total capitalization of $ 2 billion.
addition, the project has an unlimited advertising potential and is already immediately after the launch, will be attracted major advertisers: Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nokia, mobile operators and others.
If we take into account that the project ( ) actually worked as a commercial just the last two weeks in 2010, the effective yield on equity of the company amounted to 55.2% per annum. The dividend is payable on demand. During the first four months of the portal, dividends for 2011 will amount to 60-70% per annum
Portal "is gaining momentum." Acquires the shares, while there is a possibility.

Register for free:

Has Anybody Fallen Pregnant With Preseed

list of agencies who work in social media

first post the full list of agencies that are somehow working in social media and something of themselves represent . I constantly monitor the emergence of new agencies and business cases, and if you have not tried to convey this information about themselves in the usual for advertisers Media, ask in the comments.

Pay attention to the serial number on this list is not worth it.
rank and do the ratings agencies - the prerogative of independent Experts and organizations such as I just Podkin ideas about what the ratings can be composed:
- in terms of turnover in social media (the largest 10 agencies can be name even to the eye);
- by the presence / count in the agency public figures (as the market we have undeveloped, the presence of a large number of "stars" are often an important factor);
- to promote the agency itself in social media (his popularity among internet marketers personnel involved promotion tools and system activities);
- the number of actually operating the business cases for the last year (everyone knows how to make a facebook group or the application Human Services. networks, but who really can solve business problems?)
- the attractiveness as an employer (on salaries, estimated internal and external)

Russia. list of agencies that work in social media:
1. Ksan
2. Affect
3. Grape
4. Redkeds
5. Social Networking
7. Sterno
8. Creatoric
9. PR techologies
10. new Internet
11. agents of influence
12. Hidma
13. Greenpr
14. Rose
15. Comunica (Group ADV)
16. Netmind
17. Edelman
18. rare stamp
19. Erstmedia
20. JVision
21. Pistachios
22. NLOmarketing
23. Mosaicmedia (Pichesky)
24. involved
25. Tribal DDB
26. BBDO Interactive
27. Paprika
28. Digitalizm
29. Gameland
30. Just
31. Sarafannoe Radio
32. Buongiorno
33. Out of the box
35. Like agency
36. Smartica
37. Lowe Adventa (Group ADV)
38. Agency a
39. McCann Erickson (Group ADV)
40. + Sol
41. Nectarine
42. 2nova
43. Apostol Media Group
44. PR A-tak
45. Adwatch
46. Saatchi & Saatchi
47. Socialcraft
48. Mediurg

Ukraine. list of agencies who work in social media:
admitted that Ukraine I am not particularly looking, but I know so generally only two agencies from Kiev.
1. COXO digital
2. Whatever Agency

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Soundbank Missing In Reason 5

Sweet interview about internet marketing

recently talked by phone with a cute girl from, which resulted in interviews posted on their website:

If you're curious to know what I think of Twitter the president, how do we measure performance in social media and what we expect in 2011, then you are at the link above.
And if you still do not believe that there is something sensible, here's my predictions for next year of the balance of power between social sites:

Currently in Russia there are three major areas - Classmates Vkontakte and, each of which the audience is several tens of millions of users. But if you look to the West, we see that the other side moves Facebook, which is registered half a billion people.

Facebook more popular than the other competitors, it is open for business, represents an exceptional opportunity for exchange of information, there is no even the pirated content, as in Vkontakte.

And then there's Twitter, which even after the appearance in its account the president has not made a big leap upward. And that's why it seems to me that he will remain a niche service in Russia for a specific mikroauditorii and is unlikely to become a major instrument of influence.

Therefore, it seems to me that the trio of the largest sites will be saved and Vkontakte will increasingly resemble the western Facebook and become more open, It would appear interesting updates Vkontakte closer to Western standards. Therefore, we will follow in 2011, the struggle Facebook and Vkontakte.

As there is Two more prominent niche network - Habrahabr and Lookatme, something radically new yet not to be expected.

If you've read, feel free to klikayte:

Confidentiality Clause In A Presentation

information on how to fight for clean air in Japan and what gadgets accompanied this struggle

Last Week heat and smoke will not allow us to sleep. To some it may seem that we are all experiencing a real apocalypse, but if you look at just a few decades ago, we see that the problem is not new and it even managed to successfully fight (not with smoke, but for clean air).

Excerpt from essay about the history of the struggle for air Japan
problem of clean air in front of Tokyo rose sharply as a result of rapid economic growth, often accompanied by a violation of any health standards.
in the Japanese capital to take action to somehow control the side effects of rapid industrialization. In 1949 adopted a resolution Governorate, aimed at combating pollution in the environment, and in 1954 - a ruling on control of noise level. But as population growth and concentration manufacturing industry in Tokyo pollution problems became more acute. Increased air pollution, especially sulfur dioxide and dust particles, water pollution and land subsidence in the low-lying eastern areas of the city.

In the late 60-ies of environmental pollution environment has become a major social problem.

course in Tokyo has not been registered catastrophic disturbances of ecological balance, comparable with Minamata disease (mercury poisoning, first emerged in the Niigata prefecture), Itai-Itai (cadmium poisoning, it is noted in Toyama Prefecture), asthma, took place in Iokkaiti, Mie Prefecture, etc. Nevertheless, the environment in Tokyo in the late 60's - early 70's. can not be called satisfactory.
As a result, a high concentration in the Japanese capital industry and especially cars with their exhaust emissions smog in Tokyo in the first half 70-ies. became simply unbearable.
Then the world went around pictures controllers that in the center of the Japanese capital were forced during use masks.
that flows through the center of Tokyo, Sumida River was heavily polluted by oil. In addition, on the east bank of the river there were unprecedented rates of subsidence of the soil to 20 cm per year.
change for the better came in 1969 when the decision was taken in Tokyo governorship of Pollution Control environment in the capital. After all, it was the first attempt of the city authorities to turn back the ecological processes, and it was quite successful: the positive results are not long in coming. Industrial companies had to urgently remove their plants from the center of Tokyo. Average annual concentration sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere of urban areas for some six years (1966-1972) was halved, from 0.05 up to 0,025 ppm.
problem, however this does not disappear. On the contrary, Pollution modified.
Almost every year since 1970, the suburbs of Tokyo, began to choke on photochemical smog. It was totally new phenomenon in Japan, so it is not immediately razobalis is why this is happening. Only later we found out that the original cause of photochemical smog was to increase the air concentration of oxidants and nitrogen oxides emissions from cars, which number in Tokyo all the time increasing.
Once became clear cause, immediately began to be developed and measures for its elimination. At the same time the Japanese realized that the number of cars in the capital can not be reduced. Rather, it likely will increase. But if you can not reduce the number of vehicles, it is quite possible and even necessary to reduce harmful emissions. Once the problem became clear, were identified and ways to solve it.
The vehicles have to install special devices that significantly reduce or even eliminate harmful exhaust emissions of cars. At the same time was banned by operation of vehicles without such devices. We must bear in mind the fact that in Japan there is a win-win for buyers and sellers system that allows car companies to help motorists after several years to replace the relatively old cars with new ones, setting off the buying a new car price dealer handed over the old one. Due to this in the largest cities in Japan almost all the cars look like new. And the air of such an operation becomes clearer.

And now a word from him

one time in Japan was quite bad with the air and in the same Tokyo in the 70's there appeared oxygen bars where you can buy oxygen cocktail, and make loss of oxygen in the body. They were followed by vending oxygen. Throw 100 yen, breathed pure oxygen for 10 minutes.
Already in the 80 years required in such establishments and bars was not with guns began to disappear from the streets of the city.
Later, in the late 90's, in the wake of improving the quality and life expectancy Corporation released their portable oxygen generators. The first and only (and about the first and only could be wrong) was a company Panasonic
wit device - oxygen generator (model MS-X1 ).
It was in 2003. A year later the unit finalized and presented to the public as soon 3 models
MS-X100 , MS-X8000 and MS-X2, which still can be found in the Japanese Amazon Oxygen Panasonic MS-X2-W .

trend to enrich air with oxygen in the 2000's undecided. For a while, these oxygen generators were sold, Though not yet become a mass product (probably because of the price of $ 500 per unit).
Parallel Panasonic and other Japanese companies working on new generations of climate and air theme - in 2004 (if not mistaken), the first conditioners with built-in oxygen generator , and in 2007 - the first air purifiers .
In the same 2007 production of portable oxygen generators in the Panasonic stopped, giving the niche of small companies.
couple of examples produced today portable oxygen generators
Atmung 3L
Nozomi OG-101
Well, look, that gives Yandex for "oxygen generator" .

Panasonic air conditioners in the function enriching air with oxygen (O2air) existed from 2004 to 2007. For our Russian staff remains a mystery the solution remove the factory technology O2air of technology. Read about it here can
abandoning the technology, Panasonic has continued to produce air conditioners with the generation of oxygen. On Yandex Market, for example, You can find and buy a model CS-XE9DKE
In the current 2010 only a few manufacturers of air conditioners feature the generation of oxygen present in the models. For example, GREE the Chinese and Koreans LG.

Air Purifiers
Caring for parents of young children, the proximity of the highway from apartment windows, are allergic to odors and other problems people have made this air purifier a gold mine for producers of "Air" technology. In the words of the hero of the movie "40 Year Old Virgin," it is impossible prove that the air purifier is not working. Therefore, for customers it always works.

Right now, air purifiers - the most trendy gadget in Japan. They are sold in almost every shop and on the applicability, they differ radically. There is the size of a bedside table (for rooms), but there is a mug (for installation in the car or in the workplace).
The basis of most air purifiers is charcoal filter and fan.
There are also models with humidification and there, too there are nuances in the technology of wet, you can search the web.

Most Japanese air purifiers equipped with the air ionization (Incidentally, and air conditioning too). The benefits of ionization is still no consensus. Look Wikipedia article of the ionizer. We can say only one thing is certain - Ionization helps to combat dust, odors and bacteria.
fact, most of the functions of air purifier doubles with air conditioning. Cleaners are also different from air conditioners lower price and ease of installation, operating instructions manual and cleaning filters. Panasonic delivers on today, only one model of air cleaner F-PXC50 . You can buy it for
8,800 rubles .
Pro air purifiers, I wrote a post 3 years ago, when a bother on this topic. He is still relevant, can
read .

On this excursion into the history of the struggle for oxygen finish. I propose to discuss in the comments of some of this history can still poryt.

could not find:
1. Photo controllers Japanese streets in masks
2. Photo vending oxygen
3. History of struggle for oxygen in Tokyo
Found a book about "history of struggle for oxygen in Japan.
was released in Russia in 1991, CDB. Called "In the fight with the dragon" Kogai ""
seems to find in the open selling it will not work.
Even if the text in the network ...

Related Articles:
newspaper Kommersant about the device, which replenish oxygen

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Baitbus Stream Complete

report number 20. How can we be helpful

I continue share large chunks of the plan.
remind you that before we answer the following 5 questions:
- What we give to users who subscribe to our profiles in social media (what benefits, advantages, values)
- What do we write and how often
- How do we take information
- How do we measure effectiveness, and who All this is in the
- In what part we will work

The report, which is located at the link, you can find details of the answer to the first question - "what we give to users.

Starting summer accelerated pace, we're a little confused in July - the heat, holidays, and cold other disasters. Yes, even international corporations have to deal with the human factor.

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Long Dong Silva Clips

Facts about social media in RuNet

  1. The fact that some brands are moving less, and some are better known only in "tusovochke.
  2. Everyone, in general, indifferent to the risk of lack of reputation management.
  3. The fact that marketers working in the social media staff shortages were seen as marketers themselves working in the social media.
  4. Most marketers working in social media does not understand how to help Twitter or Facebook the company's business. But do not offer it, they can not.
  5. Market marketing in social media in Russia do not exist. Just accept it.
  6. problem generals and soldiers - poor quality performers and unrealistic expectations from those in the market for over a year, actually prevents the promotion of brands (see « Labor Market SMM: generals no lieutenants »).
  7. Most brands entering the social media aims to "become more human," to be branded with the face. " This is complete nonsense.
  8. on a wide success and sales in social Media can expect only the product and business, sharpened the social and internet technology. Prodvinesh not toothpaste, but the online video service completely.
  9. Marketing in Social Media - it is difficult and expensive.
  10. Social capital, brand advocates, user involvement - terms, the impact of which the Company's business is not understood, but are applied everywhere. And yet, as sales through social media - a myth (not 10 t-shirts through VKontakte, a serious percentage of the turnover of business), we somehow measures the cost of social action, rather than actually profit from this action (See « For what is worth paying a social media »).
  11. In Russia, the level of interest from the media to social media ... Oh, what I mean, what level. No interest. Without broad warning, social media - broadcast on 3 cripples. "
  12. Loud campaign-type contests gum on "promotion in social media are not. Promotion of social media is constantly working on those Internet sites, where the brand said.
  13. social media is engaged only when everything else you have perfected to the smallest detail. You must have a good product convenient and clear corporate website, competent PR-support. A social media in this case - a dessert.
  14. Brands, as such, no one needs in social networks. As the saying goes, «who cares». Alleges that "You are a big brand, you must have 10,000 friends to a Facebook or 100,000 in VKontakte, and you have measly 500 "can only be one who is not involved in brand promotion.
  15. How does the monitoring and responding to the mention of a brand in social media on sale - it is not clear at all. And say that you were 300 negative reviews, but was 100 and was more positive - the lot of sad marketers. A normal person will ask "and Che?»
  16. failures do not warm up the market. In any case in Russia. Do not even expect.
  17. Conference on Social Media - evil. Discussions in the working group 5-10 person at times effectively.
  18. Brands in RuNet about which we can say that they have achieved something in social media there. Bank of Tinkoff Credit Systems - an exception, worthy of a separate investigation of the influence of a personal brand.
  19. Social Media - ideal tool for moving agencies that deal with there progress. It is true, even they particularly do not understand.
  20. Most SMM-agency disgusting moves in social media. But «who cares», to be honest. Sell \u200b\u200bbasically showing the same presentation of different case studies (often not their own) and let "We hoo." Well, in a different way to sell. "Purely in patsanski, through relationships.
  21. Brenda, in general, anyway, what and who thinks about their progress in social media. Those who are doing something actively and systematically in RuNet bit. While counted about twenty companies: Intel, Tinkoff Credit Systems Axe, Nike, Samsung, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble (Tampax, Always, Pampers, Braun, Gillette, Venus), Kodak, Adidas, Pepsi, Dewar's, Sony Ericsson, HeadHunter, Nokia, Disney, Coca-Cola, HTC , Libero, Kimberly-Clark (Huggies).
  22. presence of stars in the agency and the successful cases does not guarantee anything. In general.
  23. (Fact not mine) Everyone who is in charge of marketing in social media sooner or later wrote a text about how it all wrong in charge of marketing in social media. Situation from this, however, not getting any better.
find the same story with a decent number of comments can on

Cleaning Metal Chain Belt

Services group discounts on services

For those who do not know.
speech about sites that provide discounts on services in the event that the purchase of services to confirm a certain number of people. So, you can buy a trip to the barbershop for 300 rubles instead of 1000. Or a trip on the map for the 200 instead of 500.
A below, together with a literary retreat, and a list of existing in RuNet such sites.

unusual niche startups captured our minds.
In the United States service opened. Sales
he discounts on entertainment, drug for the inexperienced.
I do not know whether the clones, but the service recently sold.
enthusiasm, which is very important.
picked up the idea in Russia, banging and knocking file new projects.
Here only 13 that have appeared recently. Once a week or less.
What will tell what will happen?
Will the leader? All survive and how will it be? What
Fund Addventure расскажет нам? А может расчехвостит DST?

4) http://vigoda. ru /
8) http://

12) (barely puffs)
13) (barely puffs)
14) (leaned)

Tell me, who are these people?

And now aggregators in the topic, those who collects all offers:

Based http://friendfeed. com/ni404/93e2d724

How Often Rewax Surfboard

Career internet marketer

duplicate your post pro career.
Wait to continue.

literary version, unfinished. ..
Starting your path, you do not know what fork to come.
Come on, the young reader, I'll tell you that is waiting for you outside the gate, called "internet marketing".
There are many other gates - "Programmer", "designer," "copywriter" and so on, but for them I can hardly I can speculate.

skip the part where our reader is born, goes to school, spends his first years at the computer, vlyablyayayus internet and struggling acne and other ailments of youth.
Our reader somehow mastered school. Likely disaccustomed at the institute. At least a couple of courses.
and determined that it cares truly - Marketing on the Internet (there should be flashing colored letters, but for some reason not in the standard font).
the job search process - enough tutoring and depends on the creativity / understanding / charm / appearance, and other equally important factors that we do not say word.
go directly to the point.

After passing a couple of interviews, several months of searching, you - the Internet marketer (and no matter what position you the site administrator or something else like that).
Hooray! Congratulations.
Call it "Phase number 1"
you promote business or products are likely responsible for website.
If you live in Moscow, earning no more than $ 1000 (you may well read these lines in 2030, the value of money in which we can only guess, therefore, understand - life on $ 1000 a month in 2010 - rent a room for $ 500, spend $ 100 on travel, fed by $ 250 and kutnut the remaining $ 50 (another $ 100 lost in courage).
If you are 20 years old, you look with envy at the young Internet millionaires and dream of their own mega-corporations.
How would you say ... if the ideas still does not appear, chances are they will appear, with each year funneling.
does not matter. You continue to work. Depending on your patience and growth opportunities remains in first place the work of 6 months to 5 years.

version for those who have little time or no
idealizing career path.

Step number 1.
Lucky employment
Sooner or later, as a result of job search you find a place under the sun.
administer the site, prepare and place ad for content, learn interesting art online marketing (reading)
Work week: 40-60 hours
RFP and social package: $ 12,000 per year, excluding social package

Stage № 2.
definition of specialization / industry
you seamlessly switch to something concrete, whether it be media advertising, selling promotion (context, optimization), or social media.
likely you try to combine everything - the sites context and optimization, writing texts and other
Work week: 60-80 hours
RFP and social package: $ 25,000 per year, insurance, 50% discount on fitness, payment of meals (if you're lucky)

Step number 3.
work becomes more and more, you affect any subordinates with his spetsilizatsiey (they also grow up someday).
you become the head of the department. Depending on how long you in this post Brainstorm (min. 1 year), you'll be in a "head ok" or "manager's so-so." Manage people, you know, not easy.
Work week: 60-80 hours
RFP and social package: $ 60,000 per year, insurance, 50% discount on fitness and payment lunches

Step № 4.
left to take a step forward after which any new position - Steps to the line.
have to choose between the 4 paths of:
- Marketing Director
- The face of the button Runet
- Partner, Venture Fund
- partner of advertising agency
Work week: 40-80 hours
RFP and social package: $ 150 000 per year (for the first three forks), insurance, fitness, payment dinners, corporate cars (if you're lucky)

Important questions unanswered:
1) How does the existence of your blog, or social activity in your estimation?
2) Increase the capitalization of a person at conferences and articles in magazines?
3) Is it true that there are talking heads, who are just doing that act, but nothing of itself does not represent?
4) How often can I change work, not to be regarded as "flyers"?
5) Where is the best - in the agency or large company?
6) Can you live up to 30 000 rubles in Moscow?
7) Is this life?
Offer a list of questions continue

Original text:

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Watch Mapouka For Free

Big Brands and Internet

Below I present to you a record of what distinguishes successful brands in the network.

1. Think over the general plan
2. Be systematic in their activity
3. Create a platform for long-term communication
4. Think about 7 times before use social media
5. Do not forget about the buying cycle. Wisely communication so as to surround the customer at each stage.
Below is the text of the report.

- Review of the current situation
On the Internet still ruled by promo-sites, seasonal campaigns for the announcement of new products, kommitmenty as obyazalovke fly banners in certain areas.
lack of jurisdiction in Internet marketing with brand managers and the same lack of people who could this brand managers to help.
Let's see what makes iconic brands Runet - those being talked about on each topic of the conference. And what to do to determine the success of their actions.

- What distinguishes the successful brands
Company, which say, distinguishes, first of all, a systematic approach and involvement of the audience. You have any can appear and disappear with their media stories but to earn the trust and loyalty of users in this way can not. It is important before you start to do something systematic plan of action and goals for the next 2-3 years. In people, this is called strategy, but it is not often. And do not forget that before the internet marketing pose unambiguous objectives, For example: sales, customer loyalty.
Internet can be used to derive a new product, but only if it is aimed at Internet users and solve their problems (or created jointly).

For example, Panasonic and Intel will show you how internet marketing can be integrated in the overall marketing concept.
community brand IT galaxy
Mission in social media: Vkontakte, Livejournal, Habrahabr, Twitter
Email Marketing
Store Panasoniceplaza
community brand Panasonic Club
representation in social media: Vkontakte, Facebook Livejournal, Twitter
Integration with BTL, ATL and outdoor - Sites in catalogs, commercials, billboards of outdoor advertising.

may notice that common to both brands is a platform - a brand community and representatives of social media.

- How to define success?
Depending on the task at hand. I admit that most of the companies is aimed at all advertising sales activity. Achieve sales using the Internet is possible, but only in the long term of 3-5 years of constant work with the audience. The logic of this:
1) you combine people under the auspices of the brand or the values \u200b\u200bit carries
2) Gross number of his online supporters, communicate with them
3) from time to time so-called Activation - special offers, requests to do the action.
4) facilitates the shopping, personalize their proposals and the output is a growing sales channel.
expect quick results and miracles are not worth it.
Many talk about the possibilities of social networks, but often forget about the complexity and high cost of working with them. Notorious viral effect is quite rare.

- about fashion and concepts used in the Panasonic 360 +
Be at every stage of decision-making potential customer.
complexity of planning for this technology lies in the fact that the quality Campaigns and coverage 100% CA be much more careful planning and budgeting for campaigns. The more tools, more difficult to track the progress of the campaign and the effective use of each tool. Briefly, this approach has a right to exist, but it is laborious and expensive.
correct budget fairly easy to determine on the basis of campaign goals - knowledge about the product - media part, prospective buyers - the rest (PR, PPC advertising, etc.)

- How to use social media and most importantly why fashionable phrase of the season 2009-2010
Despite the boom of social media the past 3 years, only a few brands Runet can catch in the active use of this tool communication. While most of the campaign boils down to the announcement of a new product launch branded applications and no more. Everyone who still thinks and plans work in social media, I advise to start with an action plan on the Internet in general. How does your brand should be in 3-5 years the role of customer loyalty in your business, whether you are ready to devote time people to work.