Sunday, November 29, 2009

Le Turf Akhenaton Just Music Remix


Good time of day, dear friend. I am glad that you came here.
So, you and I are going in one direction, if you
something caught in my posts and you want to know me a little
bolshe.Pust road is long and not always clear, but at
go merrier, right? So, I begin the story. Well what can I
tell you about myself? everything is so like everyone else, that believe in you
each the second line will read like about myself ... Well, I
begin ...

My name is Dmitry. I am proud to have been born in the capital of Siberia. It is a city Novosibirsk .

Parents earning like everyone else, not so much, they were ordinary working people. Respectively, and brought me into the spirit of the ideas that time.

I graduated, after graduating from technical
institute some time working on the chosen specialty
... but I am sickened work system programmer.

wanted something snappy, and I went to work in the supply ... There
was interesting - obezdil many cities, making friends with different people, employed in some places in the negotiations their creativity ... but due to various conflicts with the leadership
businesses and monotony of everyday life in the enterprise heavy industry, I still went out and did not move up the career ladder!

I prefer to do commercial activities. But in our time As you know, without a good seeding and hairy arms hard to develop a successful business! So organizavav couple of businesses that existed I have some time, I was forced to close them. They did not bring profits and hardly justified the costs.

Considering himself a creative person, I tried to do and show business .... as a music lover since childhood and can not live without music! Tried to unscrew the talented young performers, but everywhere need first of all the money!

And then suddenly came the Internet! I began to develop a network
business with different kompaniyami.Ya changed his life for the better.


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