Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mild Tenting Of Left Dome Of Diaphragm

Why Cieaura?!

now I discovered the company, which is simply fell in love and I can say with confidence that the best company for the line simply does not have health in the world!
This Siaura!
revolutionary new technology of 21 century!
Description CieAura - a company whose products enable the body to restore energy balance at the level at which it was laid down by nature to our bodies was as strong as the majestic mountains of Nevada.
CieAura - a company that represents one of the most innovative marketing plan that includes the best basis for conducting business such as online and off-line.
target audience of the product - every single person on the planet ranging from small children and ending 70-80 year old people!
advantage of CieAura

1. EXCLUSIVE line of business, rather than existing varieties. Companies that operate in the modern MLM market in this direction, no more than a dozen. This is - a huge advantage for the job.

2. Affordable entry price in the business for most applicants. There several options "to enter»:
a) HOME PACKAGE $ 119, 85 + $ 39
b) BUSINESS PACKAGE $ 359.55 + $ 39
c) SUPER-PACK $ 1480, 20 + $ 39
($ 39 value highly-functional personal back- office with e-shop).
Choose for yourself, correlated with your goals and opportunities!

3. Massive demand - products are in demand in every family. Products should enjoy the real, not artificially generated advertising demand.
Every family wants to have in your home medicine cabinet, rather than tablets with side effects such holograms, which, depending on the formula used and their location, give great effects!
Not to be confused with the patches Have some deposition, which often produce an allergic reaction (even at the patch itself)!

4. Minimum market competition among similar projects.
Business people realize that does not make sense to start a business in a competitive environment. Compare the number of companies Badam, cosmetics and so on., The number of which exceeded one hundred, and they are more and more every day! Products, such as in an assortment SiAury, at the current consumer market, in practice, No!

5. Owners:
a) must be really rich and wealthy, not hope, and build a business on the investors' money and so on. Our company is rich and at the beginning of 7 years to build a business and conducted all the research and only now comes into the MLM industry.
All co-owners of the company - millionaires. Each of them has information on the corporate website
b) - have a good business and "human" reputation. Behind them there is no negative information.
about each co-owner of a short working information here
in) - the owners should be not less than 3, and they must have the same "weight". It
this condition creates potential for sound decision-making by majority vote. Here are 3.
d) the science base, production and sales should be in the hands of one person, one direction, otherwise there is always redistribution of resources and conflicts. Ken Rasner - co-owner and president of the company for production.
e) The company must have a plan for business development in other areas and be interested in this, and not by the leaders of open representative offices. And there leader - there is representation, there is no leader there is no representation.

6. Obligatory presence of the monthly purchases to a reasonable consumer norms. For
To place your business, the product must buy every day, the revenues should come every day, and this should be the network standard mandatory procurement in the amount of monthly consumption of the family. 1 package per month in our company - is the rate below the monthly consumption of the family. In a month - one package of choice - $ 40 This is a steady increase in turnover of the company, this is a real online business. This rate, the rate of consumption, rather than sales. If the norm monthly would be 10 packets, it does not belong to the network company. Such companies make distributors in sales.

8. The company officially registered and has all relevant documents to work in the market, and they should be available for anyone. Registration of companies - United States. In each country, opening of official representation will be made out strictly according to the legislation of the country.

9. The Company strictly strictly observe the rules of work and commitments made, both by the partners (upon signing the contract, or the Treaty) and the owners of the company (Administration).
In the U.S., the violation of law has more strictly than in the CIS countries. Self-will
owners can be discussed in court.

10. Profitable Marketing plan, which allows you to create multiple sources of income.
Binar + Classic = 7 sources of income.

11. No risk for the work payment to the company. You get the tools to work - office, production and the possibility of training and running your own business. In the development of the business you are investing their intellectual work and time. There are no financial investment.

12. The maximum sponsorship:
personal website with automatic registration.
well-equipped, professional office.
ON-line-conference and leadership training.
Structural chat.
Conduct rendezvous (on-line and off-line) to help the partners of the sponsors.
support and availability of sponsors in the vertical.
special events at the request of Leaders.
Provide informational materials from sponsors.
mailing information materials.

13. Ability to create a business perspective, and its transfer by inheritance.

14. Lack of rotation of electronic money and the official transfer of the banking system user on-line

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