Monday, January 31, 2011

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Recommendations Facebook pages for online marketers

assumed courage to make a selection of pages that are of interest to those working in RuNet and engaged / interested in internet marketing and social media while actively using Facebook.
received a total of 14 pages.
  • compartment pages that are uninteresting to me personally
  • Left those with more than 1000 subscribers
  • Removed page agency
Recommendations Facebook pages for the purposes of advertising, Internet marketing and social Media:
Page Link subscribers on 31.01.2011 Subject Interesting
a 9468 publication on marketing, case studies and Market News Advertising 9
2 Pruffi 4718 Jobs in RuNet from AB 10
3 Social Media Club Moscow 4479 Club for those who interested in social media 10
4 3612 publication about Internet marketing. Case studies, theory, practice 9
5 Internet in Figures 3423 News and figures of internet marketing 5
6 Runetologiya 2823 Interviews with market Runet 8
7 advertising and marketing in Russia 2444 publication on marketing 6
8 Cases promotion in social media in the Russian market 2258 That Casey promotion in social media in RuNet 8
9 SWOTME 1835 Page about direct marketing and all that can improve the effective-Th interaction with clients in the network 8
10 Marketing Media Review - Media Marketing Review 1737 Edition about marketing, case studies and news advertising market 5
11 Arthur Welf 1632 Thoughts and case studies on social media 9
12 Encyclopedia of Social Marketing 1388 News and case studies of social media market 7
13 Nikolay Belousov 1358 thoughts and posts on internet marketing, social media and online commerce 9
14 Zuckerberg calls 645 irony and humor in regard to everything that is happening with marketers Runet 10

In the near future under the Rating Facebook pages of Social Media Club Moscow will be made on-line rating of pages devoted to advertising.
If you like these recommendations, subscribe to the page Nikolay Belousov . Click "I like it!

Online rating Facebook pages devoted to advertising, is ready:


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