Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Facts about social media in RuNet

  1. The fact that some brands are moving less, and some are better known only in "tusovochke.
  2. Everyone, in general, indifferent to the risk of lack of reputation management.
  3. The fact that marketers working in the social media staff shortages were seen as marketers themselves working in the social media.
  4. Most marketers working in social media does not understand how to help Twitter or Facebook the company's business. But do not offer it, they can not.
  5. Market marketing in social media in Russia do not exist. Just accept it.
  6. problem generals and soldiers - poor quality performers and unrealistic expectations from those in the market for over a year, actually prevents the promotion of brands (see « Labor Market SMM: generals no lieutenants »).
  7. Most brands entering the social media aims to "become more human," to be branded with the face. " This is complete nonsense.
  8. on a wide success and sales in social Media can expect only the product and business, sharpened the social and internet technology. Prodvinesh not toothpaste, but the online video service completely.
  9. Marketing in Social Media - it is difficult and expensive.
  10. Social capital, brand advocates, user involvement - terms, the impact of which the Company's business is not understood, but are applied everywhere. And yet, as sales through social media - a myth (not 10 t-shirts through VKontakte, a serious percentage of the turnover of business), we somehow measures the cost of social action, rather than actually profit from this action (See « For what is worth paying a social media »).
  11. In Russia, the level of interest from the media to social media ... Oh, what I mean, what level. No interest. Without broad warning, social media - broadcast on 3 cripples. "
  12. Loud campaign-type contests gum on "promotion in social media are not. Promotion of social media is constantly working on those Internet sites, where the brand said.
  13. social media is engaged only when everything else you have perfected to the smallest detail. You must have a good product convenient and clear corporate website, competent PR-support. A social media in this case - a dessert.
  14. Brands, as such, no one needs in social networks. As the saying goes, «who cares». Alleges that "You are a big brand, you must have 10,000 friends to a Facebook or 100,000 in VKontakte, and you have measly 500 "can only be one who is not involved in brand promotion.
  15. How does the monitoring and responding to the mention of a brand in social media on sale - it is not clear at all. And say that you were 300 negative reviews, but was 100 and was more positive - the lot of sad marketers. A normal person will ask "and Che?»
  16. failures do not warm up the market. In any case in Russia. Do not even expect.
  17. Conference on Social Media - evil. Discussions in the working group 5-10 person at times effectively.
  18. Brands in RuNet about which we can say that they have achieved something in social media there. Bank of Tinkoff Credit Systems - an exception, worthy of a separate investigation of the influence of a personal brand.
  19. Social Media - ideal tool for moving agencies that deal with there progress. It is true, even they particularly do not understand.
  20. Most SMM-agency disgusting moves in social media. But «who cares», to be honest. Sell \u200b\u200bbasically showing the same presentation of different case studies (often not their own) and let "We hoo." Well, in a different way to sell. "Purely in patsanski, through relationships.
  21. Brenda, in general, anyway, what and who thinks about their progress in social media. Those who are doing something actively and systematically in RuNet bit. While counted about twenty companies: Intel, Tinkoff Credit Systems Axe, Nike, Samsung, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble (Tampax, Always, Pampers, Braun, Gillette, Venus), Kodak, Adidas, Pepsi, Dewar's, Sony Ericsson, HeadHunter, Nokia, Disney, Coca-Cola, HTC , Libero, Kimberly-Clark (Huggies).
  22. presence of stars in the agency and the successful cases does not guarantee anything. In general.
  23. (Fact not mine) Everyone who is in charge of marketing in social media sooner or later wrote a text about how it all wrong in charge of marketing in social media. Situation from this, however, not getting any better.
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