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How Often Rewax Surfboard

Career internet marketer

duplicate your post pro career.
Wait to continue.

literary version, unfinished. ..
Starting your path, you do not know what fork to come.
Come on, the young reader, I'll tell you that is waiting for you outside the gate, called "internet marketing".
There are many other gates - "Programmer", "designer," "copywriter" and so on, but for them I can hardly I can speculate.

skip the part where our reader is born, goes to school, spends his first years at the computer, vlyablyayayus internet and struggling acne and other ailments of youth.
Our reader somehow mastered school. Likely disaccustomed at the institute. At least a couple of courses.
and determined that it cares truly - Marketing on the Internet (there should be flashing colored letters, but for some reason not in the standard font).
the job search process - enough tutoring and depends on the creativity / understanding / charm / appearance, and other equally important factors that we do not say word.
go directly to the point.

After passing a couple of interviews, several months of searching, you - the Internet marketer (and no matter what position you the site administrator or something else like that).
Hooray! Congratulations.
Call it "Phase number 1"
you promote business or products are likely responsible for website.
If you live in Moscow, earning no more than $ 1000 (you may well read these lines in 2030, the value of money in which we can only guess, therefore, understand - life on $ 1000 a month in 2010 - rent a room for $ 500, spend $ 100 on travel, fed by $ 250 and kutnut the remaining $ 50 (another $ 100 lost in courage).
If you are 20 years old, you look with envy at the young Internet millionaires and dream of their own mega-corporations.
How would you say ... if the ideas still does not appear, chances are they will appear, with each year funneling.
does not matter. You continue to work. Depending on your patience and growth opportunities remains in first place the work of 6 months to 5 years.

version for those who have little time or no
idealizing career path.

Step number 1.
Lucky employment
Sooner or later, as a result of job search you find a place under the sun.
administer the site, prepare and place ad for content, learn interesting art online marketing (reading)
Work week: 40-60 hours
RFP and social package: $ 12,000 per year, excluding social package

Stage № 2.
definition of specialization / industry
you seamlessly switch to something concrete, whether it be media advertising, selling promotion (context, optimization), or social media.
likely you try to combine everything - the sites context and optimization, writing texts and other
Work week: 60-80 hours
RFP and social package: $ 25,000 per year, insurance, 50% discount on fitness, payment of meals (if you're lucky)

Step number 3.
work becomes more and more, you affect any subordinates with his spetsilizatsiey (they also grow up someday).
you become the head of the department. Depending on how long you in this post Brainstorm (min. 1 year), you'll be in a "head ok" or "manager's so-so." Manage people, you know, not easy.
Work week: 60-80 hours
RFP and social package: $ 60,000 per year, insurance, 50% discount on fitness and payment lunches

Step № 4.
left to take a step forward after which any new position - Steps to the line.
have to choose between the 4 paths of:
- Marketing Director
- The face of the button Runet
- Partner, Venture Fund
- partner of advertising agency
Work week: 40-80 hours
RFP and social package: $ 150 000 per year (for the first three forks), insurance, fitness, payment dinners, corporate cars (if you're lucky)

Important questions unanswered:
1) How does the existence of your blog, or social activity in your estimation?
2) Increase the capitalization of a person at conferences and articles in magazines?
3) Is it true that there are talking heads, who are just doing that act, but nothing of itself does not represent?
4) How often can I change work, not to be regarded as "flyers"?
5) Where is the best - in the agency or large company?
6) Can you live up to 30 000 rubles in Moscow?
7) Is this life?
Offer a list of questions continue

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