Saturday, October 16, 2010

Redken Wella Equivalent Colors

Post 21. Everyone loves to talk about himself and his impressions

After nearly 3-month silence, decided to recall the fact that we continue to work actively in social media. And yes, we can not boast of major achievements in the form tens of thousands of subscribers in our profiles in social services. networks, but we see that the number of people who have read, is growing steadily, as well as their activity.

most we have moved in the conduct of our profiles - Panasonic in Vkontakte, a Livejournal, on Twitter, on Facebook. We have developed rules of communication at these sites, frequency and placement of news topics, and glad to see that in most cases, readers have taken and viewed positively.

* Experience in Livejournal *

In Livejournal, for example, we initially placed 8 text per month, that is, 2 per week. Topics positions - stories about the technique of Panasonic, the cases of its history, interesting facts about Japan, reports on our master classes and seminars.

first couple of months we have difficulty in collecting and a commentary on the written text, which at first glance, a sad (in fact one of the criteria for a successful blog is number of comments for each post), but we realized that the low activity is due to commentators calm the content of the posts. It's true, that you can write a comment to the story of the Japanese bridge, or the history of life Konosuke Matsushita.

most active users are displayed in texts describing their participation in activities conducted by us (and for the summer, we conducted a series of master classes and workshops, inviting bloggers and users Internet social networks). Where it was about the personal emotions and involvement of users, the readers wanted to share my thoughts, express thanks and wishes for future events. Seeing this activity, we decided to significantly expand both the geography and the frequency of master classes. So this fall, only about photographic held 10 seminars in 10 cities of Russia. In parallel, we are planning a series of master classes on household appliances. For all of them We will invite users of social networks and further illuminate the results of the event on their blogs and the club's website Panasonic.

As far as our literary texts, we decided to add the button placement for itself (in livejournal recently appeared functional, allowing to add a favorite text in your blog with one click). Look at the beginning of November will be whether the button to be popular.

clear that in addition to interesting texts and tabulation of master classes, to post provocative article, comparisons with competitors, and polls. Such materials are already writing. First summarize the results by early December.

Do the math, then on our community in LJ 109 people signed. The figure is small, but pleasant. Still, more than 100!

To get to the biggest brands in the livejournal community remains recruit another 400 bloggers. To do this, stock up terpeniyaem and ideas. We collect them now. For example, appeal to the well-known bloggers and yaponistam proposed lead our community, covering topics of interest to them and held the contest. As long as communication takes place only at the level of words, but hopefully by the end of this year will be the first examples of cooperation.

about statistics and performance evaluation, I still will.
community itself, we started to keep the summer. From about July 2010. That is
Now comes the fourth month of reference.
Mass frendovaniem and other unethical means to promote, we did not use.
Advertising Learn, too, have not placed. Known Bloggers on us to be invoked.
therefore logical that we grows rather slowly. Approximately 20 new subscribers per month. I will not say it is bad or well, nothing to compare /
And LJ is not such an active market, which was 3-4 years ago. The main thing - grow up. Total
Learn - 15 communities of brands and 5 blogs:
not so much for a platform with millions of personal blogs.

Finally, a nice bonus - rating brands Learn by number of subscribers.


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