Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Internet commerce. Let the activity report online store you talking

distracted from the topic of social media and around and return to Internet commerce, and reporting.

You know, the reports - the most important part of the work, which allows you to see on business with bird's-eye view and see what is erased in a daily routine.

In this post I would like to compile a list of questions that should be responsible Report on the activities of an online store (not a report on work in social media and do not report on the progress of the campaign. To them, if there is a wish, we will move immediately after).

report needed to perform tasks:
- Managing attendance
- Sales and marketing (sales promotion)
- warehouse management Inventory
- Managing range
- Development Management Site
- Quality management of order processing and customer satisfaction
- Management reputable shop

report should answer the questions:

Sales and marketing
- What we have turnover in the last month? Is it our expectations?
- What did we do to increase your sales / traffic and how effectively they worked our actions?
- Are there enough well-paid advertising works and how increase in turnover (ROI> 1)?
- Is it good working promotions (sales growth)?
- fired a final distribution? What proposals should include in future It is worth and what is not?
- Are we doing cross-sale, up-sale and are there ways to improve the effectiveness of actions aimed at it?

- Is there a commodities that stale? What are some ideas to implement them?

customer service and reputation
- Are all customers are satisfied with delivery times and service? If yes, how we motivate them to leaving positive feedback for us?

Website and its optimization
- What changes to the site over the last month and how they impact on business performance? What we plan to do in the future and how it should affect the conversion, attendance, etc.?
- At what stages drop off visitors? What we have done and plan to do to improve the conversion
- What we plan to do in the coming months to improve the quality / speed service, increase sales? What are our expectations of the innovations?

the right questions with a detailed assessment of clients in a survey, assessment of Loyalty customers, but so far I do not have sufficient expertise to do so. Waiting and your questions - that should say a report?


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