Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Has Anybody Fallen Pregnant With Preseed

list of agencies who work in social media

first post the full list of agencies that are somehow working in social media and something of themselves represent . I constantly monitor the emergence of new agencies and business cases, and if you have not tried to convey this information about themselves in the usual for advertisers Media, ask in the comments.

Pay attention to the serial number on this list is not worth it.
rank and do the ratings agencies - the prerogative of independent Experts and organizations such as I just Podkin ideas about what the ratings can be composed:
- in terms of turnover in social media (the largest 10 agencies can be name even to the eye);
- by the presence / count in the agency public figures (as the market we have undeveloped, the presence of a large number of "stars" are often an important factor);
- to promote the agency itself in social media (his popularity among internet marketers personnel involved promotion tools and system activities);
- the number of actually operating the business cases for the last year (everyone knows how to make a facebook group or the application Human Services. networks, but who really can solve business problems?)
- the attractiveness as an employer (on salaries, estimated internal and external)

Russia. list of agencies that work in social media:
1. Ksan
2. Affect
3. Grape
4. Redkeds
5. Social Networking
7. Sterno
8. Creatoric
9. PR techologies
10. new Internet
11. agents of influence
12. Hidma
13. Greenpr
14. Rose
15. Comunica (Group ADV)
16. Netmind
17. Edelman
18. rare stamp
19. Erstmedia
20. JVision
21. Pistachios
22. NLOmarketing
23. Mosaicmedia (Pichesky)
24. involved
25. Tribal DDB
26. BBDO Interactive
27. Paprika
28. Digitalizm
29. Gameland
30. Just
31. Sarafannoe Radio
32. Buongiorno
33. Out of the box
35. Like agency
36. Smartica
37. Lowe Adventa (Group ADV)
38. Agency a
39. McCann Erickson (Group ADV)
40. + Sol
41. Nectarine
42. 2nova
43. Apostol Media Group
44. PR A-tak
45. Adwatch
46. Saatchi & Saatchi
47. Socialcraft
48. Mediurg

Ukraine. list of agencies who work in social media:
admitted that Ukraine I am not particularly looking, but I know so generally only two agencies from Kiev.
1. COXO digital
2. Whatever Agency


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