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dividend is payable on demand .

Stock Company ASTRALBIT I-TECHNOLOGY Incorporated, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica in accordance with the Law on International Commercial Companies of 1996. Registration Number 15476 of September 29, 2010.
Company Registered Address: The Commonwealth of Dominica, 00152, city of Roseau Valley, Kopthol Street, Building 8.

Society created in order to do business in the Internet-based network development and operation of Socio-game portal «AstralBit»

Nominal value shares issued by the company indicated in the currency of the Russian Federation. The Company produces only registered shares.
registered Announced share capital of the Company shall be 60,000,000,000 rubles, which is divided into 60,000,000,000 shares of shares of 1 ruble each, all shares of the same type.
All paid shares are voting (1 share - one vote).
issue of shares controlled by members of the Board of Directors of the Company that its decision to define the objectives, powers, preferences, rights, reservations, restrictions and prohibitions in respect of any shares issued.
company may issue only registered shares.

The register of shareholders is EFOBS LTD Commonwealth of Dominica, 00152, city of Roseau Valley, Kopthol Street, Building 8 State registration number 15372 dated 26 July 2010.
liability of shareholders is limited.
Office (and accounting) of the Company conducted in Russian. The Company chooses accounting standards.
The new office is open Monday, Monday Daily from 11:00 to 19:00 hours. Actual location:
123007, Moscow, st. 2nd Khoroshevskii travel, 9 / 2, office 101, the Company EFOBS LTD.
Company was established with a view to pooling the collective investment of all interested investors and their direct investment in the project AstralBit - Mega Gaming Internet portal. ( )
members / shareholders of the Company are the direct owners of the Project in accordance with the number of shares bought back and enjoy all the rights and obligations apply the law to the shareholders.
Project AstralBit, aims to create and implement an investment-attractive activities in the field of modern information technology with the use of the Internet.
project is aimed at attracting a broad audience of users and investors from around the world.
main application focus of the project AstralBit - create a virtual space for communication and entertainment on a single portal.
Portal begins its existence with the provision of standard Internet services such as: web mail, search engine system, chat, interest groups and others to facilitate the work of the Internet and allowing for its effective use.
At this stage will be generated user interface portal and laid the mechanisms for payments, which implements the idea of \u200b\u200bits own payment system.
This project relates to the field of online entertainment, its functional core is unprecedented in its scale gaming space, has no currently unique in world practice.
In recent years, the Russian online games market is growing much faster than the world, the annual growth rate closely approaching the mark of 200%.
revenue growth and profits in online entertainment related, as with increasing audience of online games, and with increasing size of payments within the game space.
For example, the most popular in the world of the online game World of Warcraft American company Blizzard has 8 million permanent Subscribers and brings an annual revenue of more than one billion dollars.
All in all, fans of online gaming entertainment in 2009, brought the company income of $ 74 billion.
estimated world-famous research company Strategy Analytics, revenue in the global market of online gaming will grow, at least 25% per year. Project "AstralBit" - this grand virtual world where people can meet their needs the most fantastic.

He can save the world, to become a magician, to realize the dreams and communicate with the like-minded people.
world is full of mysteries, the dangers to be overcome many difficulties before his master.
From fighting with wild creatures and deforestation, drying of wetland areas for the construction of settlements, struggle with the elements and finding safe places to live on this planet, before the construction of modern cities with highly developed infrastructure in the spirit the epic "Star Wars".
Each user will be able to find a use in this new world, and most importantly, the money earned in the virtual world, the player can be exchanged for real.
In the online world, everything can be similar to real life, this is what attracts users.
If, however, reject all the romance, the invention of the most unimaginable and endless plot has only one objective: to engage in this process as soon as possible more players and do not let them out of role-playing game for years.
logic of our game is designed so that, for the successful promotion of character, or "pumping" hero of virtual money that are given for certain achievements in the game, constantly lacking. Therefore, the player captures the spirit of excitement, and they add real money for the purchase of tools and items that need their heroes.
Estimating the potential profitability is at a level of 50-70% per annum, but according to some independent experts to reach up to 250% per annum.
Through the use of investor funds and proceeds from sales of services to visitors Internet portal for the first two years of planning to achieve the total capitalization of $ 2 billion.
addition, the project has an unlimited advertising potential and is already immediately after the launch, will be attracted major advertisers: Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nokia, mobile operators and others.
If we take into account that the project ( ) actually worked as a commercial just the last two weeks in 2010, the effective yield on equity of the company amounted to 55.2% per annum. The dividend is payable on demand. During the first four months of the portal, dividends for 2011 will amount to 60-70% per annum
Portal "is gaining momentum." Acquires the shares, while there is a possibility.

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