Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soundbank Missing In Reason 5

Sweet interview about internet marketing

recently talked by phone with a cute girl from, which resulted in interviews posted on their website:

If you're curious to know what I think of Twitter the president, how do we measure performance in social media and what we expect in 2011, then you are at the link above.
And if you still do not believe that there is something sensible, here's my predictions for next year of the balance of power between social sites:

Currently in Russia there are three major areas - Classmates Vkontakte and, each of which the audience is several tens of millions of users. But if you look to the West, we see that the other side moves Facebook, which is registered half a billion people.

Facebook more popular than the other competitors, it is open for business, represents an exceptional opportunity for exchange of information, there is no even the pirated content, as in Vkontakte.

And then there's Twitter, which even after the appearance in its account the president has not made a big leap upward. And that's why it seems to me that he will remain a niche service in Russia for a specific mikroauditorii and is unlikely to become a major instrument of influence.

Therefore, it seems to me that the trio of the largest sites will be saved and Vkontakte will increasingly resemble the western Facebook and become more open, It would appear interesting updates Vkontakte closer to Western standards. Therefore, we will follow in 2011, the struggle Facebook and Vkontakte.

As there is Two more prominent niche network - Habrahabr and Lookatme, something radically new yet not to be expected.

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