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Possible objectives campaigns in social media

Linked to why there are social media tool for reaching a goal?

For starters, what are active in social media:
1) One-time action aimed at launching a new product
2) Ongoing work on cultivating a loyal audience

1) One-time action aimed at launching a new product
For example, VW launches on market a new avtmobil and social services are organized competitions, is put in an application vkontakte, blozhek Learn and stuff.
result of this activity is a group of people know about the new product and prozaimodeystvovavshaya with the brand. Brand
happy? Rad.
audience happy? Uh-uh, broken.
Often such communication (Contests, interesting stories) are interesting to both sides - and the brand and the audience. But the brand is not ready to broadcast the whole year.
Yes, and does not know how.

I still remember about the launch of Xperia from Sony Ericsson.
LJ community with posts of participants unexpectedly died, leaving no hope for a sequel. (To its credit, the same Sony Ericsson, I note that the guys are gone on the long and thankless path, which below).

2) Ongoing work on cultivating a loyal audience (and activation already vzroschennoy audience in specific action)

If recently we thought that just open a page advertising in Twitter and this will stir users (and remember the launch of twitter @ panasonic_ru, and it was).
That the further we go into the forest, the more I realized that the "hook" to draw in people and their faith becomes more difficult.
Brands tired users of social services for his attempts to make friends.
argument that brands do not so I will leave fellow journalists, and the summarizing their thoughts about what to do and how:

1) Long-term work in social media
work correctly only in the long term (to the reader was comfortable and he knew that once you've started to communicate with him, it will not go anywhere).
active in social media today - it's an investment with no apparent time payback.
To understand where there is a point bezubotochnosti these investments, we must take into account too ephemeral factors: a love for the brand, the presence of the CA brand Soc. service, getting the brand in the interests of the user's own materials, informational public relations field, the possibility of activation of loyal audience.

2) Integration with contests and other promotional activity
Contests and Flight (one-time actions) in social media will not disappear, but the audience, engaging with their help, we must convert the members of their communities.

3) goal-setting
Activism brand in social media should be directed to solve a particular problem. It can be user support or loyalty.
And in the case of the formulation in the form of target user loyalty, I think not only have profiles on social media. In the brand should be its own ground, which he uses to unite users from different services, as well as side tasks (identification of users opinion leaders, the activation of loyal users, functional, inaccessible to the social profiles)

4) Announcement of the start of activities in social media
In the first stage launch profiles on social media is very important to inform those of his Activity maximum number of people.
Use the user database, a website and contact with journalists. If you are a big brand, it is possible that You can write about in the business press. But their readers quite a bit on the Internet. Write in trade publications and niche soc. services.

5) The socialization of its site
his site (the center of your digital activities) Socialize organically.
To date, other than FB, yet no man has gone far towards providing payload from the social graph. On the FB world is large enough, add authorization through and vkontakte.

6) Insights audience
Gather insights audience area. If
understand what information may be of interest to a particular site, it is difficult, the easiest way to find answers through experiment.
Divide the published information on the types and styles of feed, watch the reaction of users to them. Compose an editorial grid, then make sure that only publish interesting material.

7) Work with the agency
If you're not yourself (and the majority of such companies), try to organize the work with the agency so that every 2 weeks to assess their progress, the reaction of users, together with those who lead your corporate page. Discuss with them subject positions, make decisions, to penetrate. And may they delve.

forgot to specify another type of activity:
3) Long-term value creation for users
Suitable for most brands, which it is impossible to build a community around its products.
Example: Alex Hodorych as if not beat, will not be able to create Community alkonavtov around moonshine and make a group about the "mafia" and its title sponsor to designate a "Moonshine", may well be.
Or those same manufacturers of diapers. Make a twitter account about diapers no one will, of course. But about the lives of young parents and advice them, please.

Note: What I mean by Social CRM, it is only working on the transfer of CRM as Customer Support and elements of direct marketing online and in any case is not an automatic collection of data on iterations users in social media.


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