Tuesday, April 5, 2011

High Hct And Hgb Levels Dog

Vyčaruj me a rainbow ...

Part One
Ahio. But I know it's been a really long time. Just like I do you bůhvíjak missing.
very much I would like to write, that I'm good, I'm missing, I am healthy and happy that I succeeded in school and that I was not worried. But unfortunately, none of this would be true.

Kitts - Circles of rainbow

hard to tell how all this might grind. Maybe it was fate, maybe by accident, or you simply deserve it. And they talk about balance, I have long ceased to believe. I will never been terribly, but at least it showed me a little comfort and encourage. And now can I do just enough to probrečený night with a soft toy in his arms. Hold the reality is cruel, nice kids chew.

If you really close to someone dies, how long are you going to cope?
three weeks.
as if left only yesterday, as it has since expired more than two years.
And it still hurts so bad ...

Sometimes it just waiting for a man from life (and wants) more than they got. Do you think it can somehow be reversed?
that you can control something like that? That price has not oppose the higher power that drives this bloody world?
After all, it would still be against yourselves.
I already gave up. She definitely will not go against each other. I will not do unnecessary worry even more than it is now. I have always been like that. Exactly revel in těchhle situations.
Pain reminds us that we still live. That our being does not slip to a mere existing.


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