Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Girls Interview with problems

I wanted to be like them, but in time I realized it was crap ...

month ago, I was looking at herself in the mirror and I saw someone else entirely. It was me, but did not such as I have always seen. Thick thighs, big belly ... I do not believe, and I wanted to cry. I stopped eating, I gave up the apple and just saw. After a week he noticed that a few people, even a friend. They asked me why I do not eat, I will always respond "I'm not hungry." I lost weight two pounds. I was fine, but still I did not little. Over the weekend my mom came to me and asked me what I feel. She noted that now that I do not eat. He also scolded me once that if you start eating again, puts me in the hospital. I do not care ... Just on Monday, it seemed even longer for those around me. Friend thought that I should just be sick to your stomach, but if it had been going well over the weekend, she knew what was happening. Later that day my friend bought a mega-fat biscuit machine and just put me in the narwhal. Both immediately scolded me. They said that skinny girls are not like anyone and they do not want to see as they slowly lost sight of. (Just exaggerating.) But they still believed, I believed what I said and I stopped it. To date me but little control. I am grateful to them that were worried about me. Later that day I ran home and headed toward the refrigerator. I do not understand how someone can go on a diet. I had a hell of hunger.
Now, I looked at myself in the mirror, so I can see better. But I can not help, but those thighs are just really weird and gelatinous ... With that I'll have to do something. Maybe help run, not ride bike, do not know. But I will not lose weight. If it is not necessary. :)
Mom's totally deleted from the head, it occurred to her that on a diet. I do not know if she did not care, but I expected that she will be the first in my food stuffs. Perhaps it was because she had problems at work. But it does not matter ... My friends look at me hopefully nevykašlou.
When I'm at it, at school, I feel much better than at home. Yeah, I hate the exam and testing at the table. But at least bored. At home I do not know what to do. Nobody can not tell you the gossip, which I have just learned. So I read at home, or teach, or clean. (Not that I would like to clean up, but when someone asks me, when they finally I'll clean up the mess, so you better pick up and it'll clean up than listen to that crap.) As well I clean style "Throw everything into a pile." :)


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