Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mobility Radeon 9000 Tecra

The recipe

to prepare Thursday's rainy evening we will need:

1 fresh ELLE
Gifts of a Satok ELLE
1 cup of tea and a tea
1, 2 or more candles
and 1 swine snout

ELLE select from the box, unpack, smell, ocapkame and put on the table. Also extract the scarf
and put on the table. Before we like it (random) like to smell it we must give prat.
ask a friend, boyfriend, for any member of the family that took tea (preferably matt), pour hot water into the kettle and bring to the table with a cup.
Once the Person bear tea and let him bring the Bears and also add to the table. For lightly fades recommend dump nature of the pack and sort by color (I will e-constitutes only is yellow or orange?).
Candles inflammation.
iPhone will be needed only in case of emergency (need other bears or other stimulants or need to discuss the findings of an important fact in ELLE) otherwise it will be during the evening with love to ignore.
Pig snout is not in this recipe and such a significant (we can be confused or even writing macaco snout) but rather to advance to accept the fact that it includes. Therefore, I recommend immediately after arriving home and vyvencit Napas / feed.
If everything we prepared the what the most comfortable to sit (save) and I enjoy rainy but still pleasant, Thursday evening ...


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