Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Invitation Wording For Swing Set

Eternal life

You know what? Life is amazing. Even though sometimes we all have times when we miserable and wanted to everything we walked out.
Deftones - Change

Enjoy the ride , just s it. Yeah, I'm the last person that this has something to say. But try it at least a little thought.

Yesterday morning I awoke with a feeling of immense peace. As if the world there was no evil. As if there was a chance to see a new mobile report taking back last month ...

On Saturday I bought a fortune cookie after lunch yesterday and I was a deliberately open. There were written

your mind is filled with new ideas, make use of Them.

shot. I have lots of ideas, whether on a blog, school and personal things. I guess I have just touched the bottom of all the imaginary self-pity, and now for me to open something new.
I believe in balance. Because everything is wrong, what happened to me in private life, I began to flourish in school. Even though I did nothing for success. I take it as a rescue mission organized by my subconscious, attempt to rescue the rest of my mental and emotional health. Even so, I beg.
Well, back to those ideas. Perhaps experiencing some (for my taste) overly creative period. So today I worked on the design a bit and is slowly getting to how it should look like.
Oh and I also recently caught a lot of music concerts. Right now I am looking for Nirvana - Live at Reading (August 30, 1992), I recently saw Marilyn Manson - Guns, God and Government. And of course not forgetting all of my favorite Gorillaz - Demon Days Live At The Manchester Opera House.

when she was talking about Marilyn, the last time I have terrible taste go kocert similar nature. Returning home around three in the morning, tired, battered, glazed with beer, smelling cigarette smoke and sweat, but happy . Since that time, the frustration would have really helped me like myself from all the anger and tension to get out.
Sometimes attracts me to go somewhere far away from people. Like to chat to the mountains. And spend your days wandering the area.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

The bad news is that on Friday, I lost the ring that I got from someone very close. Even worse news is that he'd probably never find. It was my only recollection of the question, so today will be marked by memories.

So tomorrow I'm going back to the hotel my dad and I'll be there (except Thursday) until Sunday when I return back to the intro. Finally.
My whole program will consist in the fact that I get up at half past seven, to have breakfast with mum and then arrange the departures go to town with dad to buy. Which brings me now to a few essential ideas:
  • Shopping at Makro is one of the best things that ever at home enjoy.
  • I would never have believed how much food is needed to mrňavého small hotel for a few people.
  • not have a car big enough suitcase to be there all this food came.
  • When will you have all the car stuff is pretty small chance that the car and start driving narvaným Hill such as the Carlsbad of God's gift.
  • And then you need to turn all of this stack, divided into crates and stuff at the hotel.
Well, after buying them time for lunch, handling arrivals, afternoon snacks, steaming, dinner, steaming, shower and then it's time to go to sleep. And so over and over. Anyone Know of a better program to do?

PS: Sorry to Ise, which I promised that the article be named Grizzly in jeans
PS2: I also promised Valentine's article, so you have it. Maybe not right now, but during the week you'll get:)


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