Saturday, March 5, 2011

Harley Davidson Printable Invitations

reveal specific processes in my head for him

Maybe I want to expose a little, or so because this article is somehow about me. It is something like self knowledge to others.

Life Princess
eyes of salty water by rain,
done that, you can šplhnout with you?
I was hoping you would not let me fall,
but you stomped on hand and the bottom let me fall!
Princess since before the world smile hides
just tends beads for eyes.
She's not so easy,
why her that life gives a nasty lesson?
Love it does not wish
and perhaps it is given beauty.

I'm a princess.
in gold dressed
in obláčcích fir,
in luxury looking,
artistically talented,
in the life of suspicion.
So who am I?
Without father, without a permanent residence
surrounded by Love!
Who am I?

only promise
am going away for boundaries
baby, why did you nerozvázal the laces.
I do not know why, with me on this're betting,
when you know as much I miss you!
I did not know what it means to me,
when your face was stone.
I had to be at hand just
Look over here Place a radish.
need love,
because I want a promise!

Who is she, nothing ...
of us who actually sets the direction
when life is full of holes,
none of us can not say,
it's not as simple as someone undress,
loveless world is gray,
just as sad face girl is pale,
why leaves turn his body lying on the sacrificial altar,
tearstained face again bowing to the moist pillow
course, it's all right,
but perhaps someone uncovered the shell?
I probably know someone ONU ostensibly cheerful girl
not all of it thrown into the same pen!
given the label courtesans and self-centered bitch
I really have had enough bad showers,
and now running away,
hopes to turn someone on her whip ... Not applicable
Because the old life will not I have nothing common!


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