Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Well Message For Someone Who Had A Stroke

Crossing, it's me!

The title follows the very first poem. The others are too for me, as almost all of my poems in a certain way because every poem is part of my life or nature. And what's more write? Only Happy reading, exposing my thoughts.

Maybe a little selfish right now I'm sounding
I would like for us to dream again,
perhaps for you, I will boldly directed his speech ,
love, be careful to come and others started to punch your heart!
So where is your beautiful smile I want to know
sorry, I can no longer just a stupid question,
I can kiss your lips to find
why you want to let others go?
Again, I have hundreds of tears on my face,
pray that I could once again see your glow
I want you to miss out on the day and night,
but the passion is more for me than power.
And now I end up crap about the great love
and be sure to look for a different beauty.

I myself
I'm a dark street,
no lights and no candles,
and then see a figure standing there!
upon me as her hand hanging
take my life, why am I the ztrácící?
I can not be the loving,
Even the haters.
Because Now I know that I myself took a life!

We drink
for it to live,
we breathe
we lived
we eat
for it to live!
We must be happy
to live.
I must still convince
you live?
take care of you,
you will not convince you.
I want and have to live
for what I
and give it up for you!

Olga Lounová - Amateur Gynecologist


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