Saturday, March 5, 2011

Effect Of Mangalshani In Lagna

About Us? About Our Love? Was there any? Small

Another batch of something about depression. Again, my special crush on? xD Well nothing, just another figments of my mind. Pleasant reading this newsletter ...

you still in my mind,
guess it was an illusion,
that you love more,
still exists in the heart of grief,
I think of you as my lips hall.
I felt the warmth of your skin,
too fizzled love roses
not specify who is to blame
I chose a different man!
I do not want him (you) lose
got him inside and I'll pay
but I'd rather suffer than lose!
In this poem, his eyes are crying,
salty droplets bounce off his face.
And what if not delusion,
that you love more?

As the fire burns,
and my love for you!
as everyone needs water,
so I need you!
As the bird is feeling loose
so I feel free with you!
Why did you leave?

You and I
My lips have kissed you,
tried, from the fright of your vows.
again vplést I want to hand in your hair,
up our hands will touch our passports.
banter between us, I like
is how to catch the eye of a peacock.
Therefore I can only hope to see you again,
and our meeting is not just a dream before I wake up!
But maybe it's better if you just let itself seem
because they do not want to fight with distance.
disappointing I'm scared too,
want to have a more quiet night.

this last poem I would like to dedicate my baby! It's about you say before, but it is!

S Korea - Bar


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