Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fake Pink And Black Jordans

We and our passions

Well I think I chose the title of the article interesting and perhaps well suited to my poems. Although they are now only 2, but for the most recent. I thank all of you who read my poems and I like them. And finally, how else than to greet you a wonderful reading. :-)

Social conventions
my eyes to your soaked,
I can feel the passion grows,
in my lips hidden trap
I show that pleasure,
the smell is a poison
on which you think is sweet as honey,
my skin wants to feel that thy
show you more than just my leg.
Well you put me on the altar,
and one of the others would take my glow.
want to blend into one body,
what if it be had?
So I stick to social conventions,
thus became my solitude prevention ...

From my mouth is what happens sigh,
at the idea the night together,
desires to let drift,
that I want to move too much,
again I want to know the love
but still replay the tape was destroyed.
where I was innocent and pure,
but now I'm a bitch,
I'm sure,
turn awaits me uncomfortable shower.
But so what, come and give me what I want
tell my ear sweet crap
zaryju those nails into the back
and thus further into the clutches of my pad!

Christina Aguilera - Express


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