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Da 4187 Example For Married

Interview with Kleio

Kleio Since coming to our blog was rather sudden, and she did not get a proper welcome, take this article as such its performance. And soon even wait at least one interview, but this time with another blogger:).

Good Charlotte - River

How would you describe yourself?
  • I'm crazy and wild (only one person I ever tamed). And even though I regret to admit, sometimes they really behave like a blonde.

What did you want to be like a child?
  • heerečkou I wanted to be, actually, I still want ..

What you have talent?
  • not consider it a talent, about art in general, this is my drawing and recitation. And then of course there are my poems ..

In your poems you know most of our readers, where you take inspiration?
  • from my personal life experiences.

Which one do you like best, which is your most personal?
  • Each one is for me something important, they are my memories. Are the most personal of my tears.

Why exactly did you choose this school?
  • On the show I met a great school teacher who convinced me actually. The talent tests and advised me then I got a few extra points.

What do you think of your classmates?
  • * thinks * And do not read it? ... Many of them are just spoiled children of entrepreneurs, but in your eyes I would tell them about it.

And what about the rest?
  • Yet there is a group of those who do not conform fully to all, any conventions. And then, too, of course, few ordinary people.

of teachers Who do you like best?
  • Photography Teacher, teacher animation (from the talentovek) výpočetky and teachers.

And who the least?
  • our class. Třídnictví it is not your thing, the Czech I learned much of anything new and just me doing it on purpose.

What kind of art do you prefer?
  • I definitely prefer the photo.

What is your biggest secret?
  • from their parents try to hide that from 14 years of smoke. But my biggest secret (in the sense that about him a lot of people do not know) it might be that do not get too well with his dad, even though a lot of people think otherwise. Oh, and about five years, I threw a guy into the pool because it boasted that he could walk on water.

When we're at it, and what are you guys?
  • There Randi with one footballer, but is not yet clear whether some of it will be. He lives about 10km from me and he was 20 Still, I still think your ex, even though I hurt a lot.

What did you do the holidays?
  • one half proležela'm home sick, but in the other, I will see to compensate for the events and dates.

How do you spend your free time?
  • When he is left within a week after school, some free time, killing him at the computer or shopping. I spend weekends at dances, dating, or at work.

what your favorite books and movies?
  • Black Book (film about a Jewess who are trying to survive war and falls in love with the Gestapo), and Twilight. * Laughs *

you still hiding some toys from your childhood?
  • Yes, hidden somewhere at home I have about twenty Barbies. I sewed their own clothes.

What do you most?
  • to his former, sex and school.

for what you killed?
  • for love. And in a negative sense, I would kill if someone sends me.

If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be?
  • I guess I was selfish and I wish never BORING bad things that ever happened to me.

What three things would you take to a desert island.
  • friend onions, clothing and first aid box.

What super powers would you like to have?
  • I would like to be able to move in time.

What do you want to achieve in life?
  • I would like to have a good job, worthy husband and beautiful children.

What is your mission?
  • listen and advise people, my friends are going to confess.

Do you believe in past lives?
  • Not really, but I believe in ghosts. And I would have liked if there were really vampires (but only the good guys).

Why are you agreed that you will join NerdGirls?
  • I thought it was an interesting option and also the opportunity to publish my poems.

what you added at the end? Something to say?
  • I would like to thank Raven considers that allowed me to participate in the blog. Thanks also include my mother and sister Zdeničce, which was always there for them.


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