Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vw Jetta Wagon Vs Audi

... Literally Free Hugs Day

You know what? Karma exists and operates. I wanted write yesterday, when it was current, but you know me. Finally, everything always turns out differently than I said at the beginning.

Last time I start getting more fed up the people from whom I expect in life suddenly began to behave like swine. Maybe I'm really paranoid, and slowly turns me on cyber syndrome. Yes, I am convinced that there can not really trust anyone. You are never sure if someone you trust that the question does not apply to you. That's friendship, but did not work, right?
Friendship. Everyone talks about it, but few people left to speak for itself acts. And last month it has gained momentum only.

friend doing this and that one is such a poppy, it should behave, and somehow ...

What does it really matter? Sermons also do not need no lecture the theme of friendship. And if I wanted advice, I'll tell you about it.
So when someone like me still love what I should do and what not, it bothers me enough. How much is this person honest? I can it rely on anything at all?
really do not understand, what do I do wrong. I can not possibly be a good friend? I sometimes betrayed someone's trust? Or is it me?
When a man wearing a long choke all the emotions, it is clear that before or later just blows up. If he is lucky, nobody will see it either, or at least meet with understanding. And if it is not just luck, everything will only get worse.
Well, I feel that the true friends I am getting less. Most of them I went through their own fault. I was in love and believed in love forever. Friends for me if it was not. And so I gradually lost almost all. And when I'm looking for absolution, many of them blamed me, that I've betrayed, I walked up to them because of the relationship. They're right, I made a mistake and it's too late to remedy. So my only remaining hope will forgive me. Or at least understand that, in fact I did not want to betray them. That I was just blinded by love.

Loves come and go but true friends remain on the agenda.

I believe. Trying to be a better person. Again, take others in the first place and its problems close to the lowest drawer and lock. Because I have to be strong. Because people who care for me.
I do not want any of them I saw on the floor, crying, unbalanced. Once before I got carried away by this and how it went. I had to move to burn bridges behind him and start a new life. Hoping for a better future.
And so I hope. With all my heart I wish I did it. To me, it was again. Happy, happy. That in turn will have friends to whom I can entrust with anything without me judging them. That comfort and embrace me when I will be fine. And it will not do anything just for their benefit.

And then the world would be all right.


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