Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Every creative person has in his life work, which is really proud of. Of all the others did this for him the most precious and most beautiful ever created.
And of course I have my "favorite". In fact, from every stage of their life have one. "Reflections on the theme - Death" I helped write the losses of Philippe. Stories about my beloved Milk, which I write only to the drawer for fear that nobody knew my alter-ego. And what was the confession , my magnum opus about everyone you know.
When you have such a work, it is clear that for you means a lot. You gave it to his own soul, a piece of heart. Something can not just buy it. Made with love.

Keane - Enjoy The Silence

But none of that, I was originally not write did not. I to confession and says to me easily.
Futures'm never afraid. But now, deep inside really scared. All around, what will be. In the morning I go down the stairs and even if they stick to the railing, I'm afraid of falling. The school znejistím in testing and I am afraid that neodmaturuju. In the afternoon I call my mom and I hope to hear her last in my life. In the evening I go to sleep, watching the sky from the window and I wonder if he ever wake up in the morning.
When they came on Friday, saying goodbye ...
Because of this I once lived.

"Gotta go, Hank needs to dotorovi and I promised her that ..."
"Just run, you'll wait for you, huh?"
"Well, I'll miss you!"

Last waved and smiled and drove away. I waited late into the night, fell asleep on a chair in his sweatshirt. In the morning the phone quickly to Motol, the rest of the way I learn.
suddenly stand leaning against the glass, I will not let him. And he can not see me. I want to hold my hand odhrnout hair from his forehead, wiping the dirty face. Tears do not perceive it. Where did it squeaking? Hollers my ears ...

And then nothing.

The worst are those that reproach. I had to persuade him to stay, delay it, or go with him. I should have known that something like this can happen. And most importantly, I had long since he had to say what it means. That's the coolest person I know that because I want to live it every day and that about him I never want to come.

But when I knew it, it was too late. It took two months before I can stop this blame. I decided to try to correct it. And so I began to live for him.
go to his room to think even now. They remained there all his stuff, even the sweatshirt draped over a chair. But I do not have the courage to take any of it. I left after just one ring, which I then put together with a room key.

I know only too well how it feels to lose someone forever. I know how people feel when someone in your own eyes see die.
Hence, you can never look away. That's why you never want to go home. Therefore I want you to call me whenever you're okay.

N echci risk that happening again.


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