Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hematoma Wisdom Tooth Extraction

No safe medicines, Alternative - Holograms Siaura!

All attempts to pharmacologists to create effective, but safe medications while without success. Any tablet or medicine has its side action. How do I know if they do not outweigh the therapeutic effect? Getting to the desired cells and tissues, any therapeutic agent, one way or another touches on the way "other people" ownership.
imposing a remedy, the physician must always weigh the benefits of treatment and the risk of side effects, if the benefits outweigh the means, the medicine deemed fit. There is an alternative - a hologram SiAura.
works without side effects. Magnificent revitalizing results. While there is only Six types of holograms, which are either glued to the affected area, or an active energy points. The list of active points can be taken from treatises In Chinese medicine, these points are used in akkupunture. Holograms differ on the effects on the body: 1. Hologram "Rest Quiet 2. Hologram "Pure Energy plus 3. Hologram "Freedom from Pain" 4. Hologram "Getting Rid of Allergic Renita 5. Hologram "Protection against electromagnetic radiation" (Cell phone) 6. Hologram "For a professional athlete (for increased energy and recovery after the event) 7. In the near future expect new types of holograms. The test results holograms SiAura site http:// ohio8. cieaura. com / There are practically no side effects, holograms generate health-restoring vibration, which correspond to a healthy body. The body's cells recognize healthy vibration and adjust to them. Holograms are used tysyachiletny experience of Chinese medicine, combining it with the latest achievements of science and practical medicine. The action of the hologram can be compared with several dozens of sessions, acupuncture medicine.
One big difference: if the doctor does not fall into the desired point of a needle, can occur irreparable, with the hologram in any case you get healthy. For the best of the hologram requires one condition - the need to consume lots of pure water (up to 2 liters a day.
completely without medication in our time, of course, can not do, but each time taking the pill for a headache you should remember the following facts: Painkillers (Analgesics) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin series) tend to inhibit kidney, hematopoietic system and may trigger gastric bleeding. Antibiotics even when the intramuscular or intravenous injection violates the intestinal flora, blood, affect the kidneys, liver, can cause allergic reactions. Beta-blockers (from stenkardii and hypertension) affect the lungs, causing bronchospasm. Hormonal agents (including including oral contraceptives) can cause obesity, liver damage and provoke deep vein thrombosis of the legs. Diuretic (Diuretics) usually violate the blood and affect the heart, flushed out the body of potassium. Antidepressants, tranquilizers, with prolonged use addictive and the constant taking them can cause a depression.


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