Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Rid Of Callus On Pinky Toe

My first published ... I do not

This is my first article, so at home as a demonstration of his career I would like to publish these three poems. Have a nice reading this newsletter and hope you will like. (Sorry about the slightly depressed.)

Fallen Love
My views are in other than losing your sight,
maintaining our relationship has become my daily work!
My hands feel desire for someone else rub,
and for all their sins will have to pay!
My lips wanted another passionate kiss,
think of us love to kiss off someone?
My body is already nostalgic for a lost passion
do not want to have the cloak full of hatred!
My Heart very sad cries
in me died a leaping bird lovers!

least for a while
When čichneš to have my hair,
humidity you try my tears
ochutnáš if my skin
you try saltiness of my tears,
if you kiss my lips,
ochutnáš my bitterness Tears,
If you look into my eyes,
find out how my tears are painful.
If you take off all my body,
see vibration in my heart.
that vibration and desire trumps bitterness, tears and pain,
then at least for a while!

Tear face blends,
my hand just beckons you!
My head wants to see you again,
I wonder just why it is not so easy!
love you My heart hurts
hope that you too so fast it knocks!
My lips to kiss you,
want, let's try for once!
My whole body is protesting
But he lives only in the Leafs!
My brain is perhaps time nadatuje,
again hope to recover!

Safura - Drip Drop


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