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Funny Invitation For Maariage


This article can have two weeks hiding in documents, waiting I was with him until the new blog. The interview was for me a very interesting experience, and also opportunities Celente better. Although the article is long, but I'm glad for it, at least learn something. Pleasant reading this newsletter;)

Could you say a few words about yourself?

  • wonder how to describe myself in few words ... Well, let's be that look good: D Yeah, too early in the morning sometimes look like zombies, but otherwise look good: D I am naturally Smart: D based on my answers to half the people will now think I'm stupid: D Believe it or not, but I'm really stupid: DI though sometimes of myself, unfortunately I will make a idiot, but that's the life of everyone he meets. I'm not normal. Our policy is that being normal is itself irrational. Some may appear to behave as a schizophrenic when I see totally vytlemenou and the second on my face is a smile without a trace. The frequent changes of mood I sometimes very annoying. But I try stick to the smiling version of me:)

What did you want to be like a child?
  • Well, it changed gradually with age. When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be a princess: D Then the elementary school I took it over a normal range as a fashion designer and a similar stellar career. On the second level, my vision has stabilized a bit and I wanted to be a terribly long time photographer, which I still took until recently. I also wanted to be a successful writer. And by I, too: D so now I say according to their responses, what the hell I'm doing the graphics? : D school is more like a hobby for me. Graphics do not want to eat, it's my hobby. That's the school play. I enjoy it, that's all that's that.

What you have talent?
  • I do not like prejudice. From my answer would imply that I was too arrogant and think about yourself, but I recently explained to his close friend, as I do not like false modesty. Why not declare something, What excel for fear that others will be considered for promotion and arrogance? Example: A girl can draw beautifully. Someone comes to her and admired her artwork. "You drawing really well," praised her and she replies "Oh, these are just doodles". And that my people really matter. Why should they be too modest when you excel at something and know that this is exactly what they what they like and they are doing more than well? I place the girl I smiled and thanked I. Neshazovala like myself that would persuade the other that they're doodles. When you have talent, so hell, and I admit I will not be ashamed of it? So, each boldly declare that I have such a versatile talent. And think what you want: D The main item I would like to highlight my talent of writing. I know that I write really well. Yes, there is always room for improvement:) But now I can say about myself that I write well. Those who read what I write, whether the article, poem or anything else I wrote mostly like it and praise me. And comments like, "well-written article" always happy :-)

Some of our readers surely know your blog, could you tell us something about it tell? When did you set up what is, what are your plans with him?
  • blog shortly celebrate the third birthday, so I grew out of the toddler years: D To be precise, I started a blog March 12, 2008. Originally a blog read only based on my favorite time series Charmed, many of us know it by the Czech translation of the Witches. This also comes blog address, because the nurses were generally four. Then the blog a lot has changed and expanded its focus, but eventually the old standbys like the blog just to maintain and even Miley Cyrus would then be to displace and occupy more space for myself: D But I try to export articles were about half-half. Something about me, something about Miley. Miley is my personal design in many things, disagree with her views only in a low, so the blog is still and I would say that it still remains a long time:) As far as plans for the blog, there is not much. Rather not. Sometimes I get an idea for a new section, but it does not always come out. We use a particular section diary and I write what I just Tane mind. But I can tell you certainly do not plan to blog and its abolition:)

attendance is important to you? How to fight it?
  • averaged over the last month is 115.5 my attendance. It was also higher, but the last time blog do not pay as much time as before, so this is fairly reflected in the attendance. But I do not mind me. I realized that traffic is the main thing and I do not understand people who chase after her. The average attendance of 115 a month suits me. That go to other blogs at least it's a good number and goes to see it's still a lot of people interested in my articles. And even if they read my blog five people, and for those five people are still writing the price and I'll write for them:)

It takes a lot of time you blog?
  • As I have mentioned. Times when I sat on the blog of a half-day, are definitely gone. Now I love it when I write a weekly article and hi: D No, I just write when I want to write :-)

What is your typical story?
  • My typical article. Hm. Above it I think. Previously, my typical article seemed so full that I vytlemených Smiley: DI now, so it is sometimes, but she began to write exactly as written Czech and colloquial expressions are rarely used. Here and there arises in an article, but I try to avoid them. When you write a registry, it sounds better. It looks better. It reads better. And I'm on a blog as dull teenager. And you can see from comments that readers taking me as someone from whom you can take something. I always try to somehow tell a story of my life. I use a different analogy and metaphor. And always readers trying to pass an opinion or advice. We do not force them to manage it. Just trying to confer valuable advice and most of my readers appreciate it as well. A lot of the articles is not only about my feelings. About what exactly I live. You know what, go to my blog, a section rozklikněte My diary and see what it looks like my typical article: D

know your visitors a virtual, or visit your blog and friends? Does it bother you?
  • do not mind. She send your friends links to some of my articles. Most of them write about specific things, and my feelings, even though at first glance may not be obvious. In these articles I like it when my friends and I read them, analyze them with a little more depth.

What does friendship mean to you?
  • friendship means everything to me. Friends are for me the first place. Always. I appreciate very much your friends and every day I thank that I have. Always there for me and I am also here for them. He shares with me the joy and sorrow. I discuss everything with them. Friends to me are people who I can trust one hundred percent. And I am grateful that these people are so much :-)

Do you prefer a lot of friends, or perhaps a few real friends?
  • I have lots of friends. And among them, and enough real friends. Always but so it was not. Enough of that I thought were friends to me for some reason, I always gave up and finally left alone. The more you appreciate your friends. My most recent experience gave me a total of mentally confused. I had a friend. Then we began to discover the problems for a long time we talked together. More than a year. I blame it on many things and my new friend in me that just fueling. Recently, in fact even now on in February, I finally managed to speak with the friend that I've been a friend did not. It turned out that I chose wrong. This new friend was the fake and I had fooled. I almost lost a true friend. I am extremely sorry, I told her how much wronged and greatly regret the lost time by which we came. On the one hand, I regret, as I later found out the truth. On the other hand, it is still early, and not everything is lost. I got my friend right back and get rid of the fake. What more could you want? Perhaps it should be. Now her and our friendship will weigh even more:)

What you and the boys?
  • badly I was burned. Not very nice when you think you're just the two of you will know then that it was you three: D But it do not want to discuss here :-) After this experience, there was still a boy. I once went with him. And suddenly there it was again. One look in your eyes and everything was the same. Again, I loved him. I wanted him to have a relationship again, I wished that this time it worked. I have painted a common future ... it did not work ... I was very hurt. Sincerely we talked and we agreed that the two of us, unfortunately, to get the status of the relationship. Now I suddenly started to ignore, erase me from friends. It was from day to day. I do not know what he heard, but I'm very sorry to believe gossip. I'm angry. I'm angry at those who slander carries. I'm angry at him, believe that those rumors without asking me whether or not it is true. I'm mad at myself, it bothers me so. It bothers me that it bothers me. I'd stepped out of the roundabouts and cut the all the emotional ties to him. But I'd much rather be with him. But I can not. Maybe this will be better. I belong to those who do not regret anything, and the most bugging me, he pushed me with his behavior to the fact that I started to regret it. I regret that I re-embarked on his life. I do not regret it. The fact that I did not want this issue too disassemble, I was quite expanded. It will, by quietly hope that he's just sorry he did ... I would if I remembered the hard feelings because of some gossip they trust. I'm on it I remember the good, and I wish that he remembered me as well. I am upset that I can not let go and say "tired, his minus". I wish to conclude this chapter konečně and begin a relationship with someone else. I hope I'll do it and it will not last long. I know that the chapter will have a happy ending, where he will end up together. But I do not want to have the wrong end of the chapter. Luckily I have enough friends who will not let me worry and help me close the chapter. The end has yet to be surprise for me alone, so we'll see what happens. One thing I know but surely. That chapter is already over and the next it will not start. Not with him. But not against new acquaintances. Actually, someone like ... :-)

How do you feel with classmates? What do you think of them?
  • Well it's beginning to be the ideal situation: D Slowly but surely, my class is declining and some of the original twenty-two we are now seventeen. I like your class total. The classes come to me one of my best friends there and now I even have new-found friend, if I say so. I think now I can assign them slowly toward the group of my best friends. Otherwise, relationships with peers outside the classroom do not have power, but rather roast cooked in a class where the year:-D But otherwise my people from our class as a whole meet. Fall fun lines and from school are coming back mostly positive attitude :-)

Who is the most likeable teachers who most annoys you the contrary?
  • prefer to have our matikářku. In addition, we teach more math economics, basic sciences and a fictitious company. Although not all of these items are just my favorite teacher is great and I love her very much :-) Then I like our English teachers. This guy is simply: D But he said that maybe he goes, which I will regret. Lately I'm also very fond of the teacher, who has never to my favorites and I definitely did not belong to slowly but surely climbing to the top: D teaches us to digital video. What bothers me most? Well, too few of them find, but they prefer to appoint not:)

What kind of art do you prefer? And as often as she made the universe?
  • Although I graphic school, the answer is literature. There are lots of wonderful books that I consider art. And the art of writing is something so wonderful. If you can create an intriguing story and keep readers going on, so that the book had devoured the last page and was sorry that the story is finished, I think it's a real art. As I told myself I did a lot of writing, so this is my most common formation. Either I write blog articles, or poems, mostly inspired by someone specific or just something for yourself. Someday I would like to write a book.

You have some really big secret? What is involved?
  • dad I ate cookies. It took him terribly. I'm sorry: (: D: D when I go buy it from the intra alia, that he was sorry ...: D

How do you spend your free time?
  • Now I have given an incentive to read books, it's interesting. Otherwise, in my free time doing things mainly to school. We do not learn! Do not be silly! : D But should I write scripts for coursework, working out ideas for work and trying to engage their creative spirit. Then I enjoy a lot of economics, I'm learning here voluntarily and I enjoy it. So I spend my free time, often with textbook economics: D

What do you most?
  • The people who mean something to me. On his dreams for the future.

for what you killed?
  • For what or whom? : D Ok. I follow the question. For what? I would say that I am a peaceful man and I never want to murder, but I lied: D But I would definitely nevraždila without reason. With a taste I would kill anyone who would prepare me for the right mate or friend. So, from my previous answers attentive readers realize that I should answer to the question of who to kill.

If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be?
  • Now my answer will sound a bit like a Miss America answer but never mind: D I wish I could lead a happy life and that I fulfilled all my dreams and I wish the same for my best friends and to all strangers. To me everyone deserves to lead a happy and contented life.

What do you want to achieve in life?
  • I'd just be happy. Fulfill your dreams. I want to get to college on financial management. Moving and be financially independent. Having your own apartment. Find a friend. Then start a family. And I write that book: D It will be a bestseller, then according to her making the film, I earn a lot of that money. I'll take my best friends and I will lay them together: D We'll make a big party: D Of course not all, also I have to make a living from x D

what you added at the end? She you something to say?
  • Finally, I would like to thank those who had the patience to read it until the end: D And while we're on the blog, so thanks to its straight regular readers for their loyalty. Then I want to thank Raven for giving me the opportunity to comment in this conversation. The only reason why I decided to comply with the hope that it will read a couple of certain people. Otherwise, I want some, too few people to thank certain people and those are just my friends. Thanks, that you are there for me :-)


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