Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is Olive Oil For Lubefor Vibrater

spin-off Tuesday Free Hugs Day, inspired by the second paragraph this article.

Kidney Thieves - Before I'm Dead

Yes, somehow I forgot to mention that the current theme of the week is Sex. Anyway, it does not change. Would anyone of you interested in my story about such things?
To be honest, I never got any extra cared what people think about me. Rumors I've learned to ignore, not to. Still, it's a lot of people whose opinion is important to me. I try to behave according to the best of my knowledge and belief, but if someone with a problem, I really do not care.
Well, I got to What I really wanted to tell this one article. Absolutely not understand Miss (I think they would say no, but not girls, a sign he decides not deserve) that behave as if they belonged to the whole world. That you can do as they please and that no punishment (at least at least) nepropleskne. Whether you look at it in any way, at any price simply can not understand something like that. And just in this case I refer to a particular person. Say what you want about me, that I can not judge her, when she not know that this is not my thing, or that should be envious. My opinion but do not take me, I'll think about it further.

shy about making breaks from his friend, the afternoon will have fun with one dude and enjoying the evening again with another.
I guess in this very conservative, or what, but I can not imagine even one reason what a stupid way to conduct science. Yeah, I hear the rumors that you can just enjoy life, what is my business, and whatnot. But this makes me really angry .. p.. Not only that, his friend from doing a proper steer and hurting people around me, but also humbled himself. Miss Available. Thanks to them such maidens and similar varieties are spoiled young generation and the world is heading for destruction.
If people still have a sense of justice and self-esteem (and if I had my way, truly as Unfortunately, anyway, at least it would be to cut off the hand) , would be at best described as a whore and then you would probably just neškrtla. Pity is that today such behavior is generally tolerated (of which I am quite frankly soufflé).
Ahio, I quit. I do not need to fret about when the world will be better anyway. People are fucking ...


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