Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Doznání 2

The spin Confessions .
I want this article to cover all the following designated as a thank you, that have been there for me when I needed and everything done for me. I apologize in advance to all those who feel offended by that I have mentioned.

Verve - Lucky Man

first 15 years of my life I've lived in Carlsbad (although I was born elsewhere). The kindergarten and elementary school have much to remember, but I'd like to thank:
  • Dominica "Beanie" P. (which is no longer with us) for inspiration. Thanks to her I began to live each day as if it were my last, I realized how important friendship is. She has the greatest credit for how quickly I came, and most of my school achievements.
  • Kat Ch and Veronica H. that my high school were the greatest support. Thanks to them I have a lot of nice, memories and stories about boys I remember now.
  • Corkemu, Wild and Sarmíkovi consider me among themselves accept it as your own, get rid of my shyness, gave me a huge life lesson and that there still are for me. Thanks to them, were years of high school a little more bearable.
  • Filipek (who has left us too), because I did the first and last and never wanted anything back. And that showed me what love is.
After what this Prince has left me, I had to leave and start elsewhere. I moved to her grandmother, to my hometown. Back to the roots. And here I began to live.

  • Cuba Tommy D. and P. were my two kindred souls. In many situations support me even if that time did not even know they were the reason why I'm up every morning trying to look their best.
  • Katie K. Tyna N. and Annie were my team member throughout the time. They returned my confidence, taught me many things. Because of them the first time I experienced sadness of parting.
Well after recovering I did something I regretted it at first, but now I would not change at any price. From cyber my thanks to these people:
  • Rider it is simply amazing. Everyone makes mistakes, but you, I forgive you for yours, you did that for me has always been, when I needed it.
  • Kubik which for me makes the first and last, although I am very ungrateful bitch: D And also the fact that I can talk to him about absolutely anything.
  • Ovečce, the most beautiful chapter in my life.
  • Scorpio that can encourage, advise and make them laugh.
  • Snoopymu for the support, life wisdom, motivation and endless night conversation.
  • Paigince and Ise perfect for celebrating my seventeenth, that there for me whenever and I consider that they are a great team member.
PS Paigince is yet another thank you, not because of it, this article would ever arose. This is because of her that I just stopped taking Valentine's Day as lovers.


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