Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pokemon Black How To Access Bag

I Can, Because I want it ...

Okay, you miničlánky probably not a good idea, but at least as good as an excuse.

Kitts - Cyrano
because they forget how you sang it just me ...

last Tuesday for me It started at half past seven in the morning, we went to the gym Kleio over half the city. We were together as a team and we won vybiku and floorball. And for the first (and probably last) that became number one:)
Then I gave the nice shower, and načančala hurry back to school (I lost my two-hour break). And I must say that it "is načančávání" Now I will practice more often because it's just a great feeling.
the free Kubík hour we played billiards (or pool, as I know), but instead of shooting and we went to the museum for exhibition. It had several advantages: Paiginka went with me, so I had to talk to and not acted, the second part of the jungle with the idea last week.
After school, I gave less chrupík , and the library. It was nice, and not to mention the great tea , who's next! : D

Angus and Julia Stone - Hold on

Wednesday departure for psycho-trip, but that I actually did not describe them too. The only thing I said to do so, it might be that it brought me to the next lesson. Sometimes you hear something that hurts to hear something that makes you happy. And when it overrides the pain, good for you. Anyway, I enjoyed it (even though the hesitation).
I have to go back to something I had once been written, the fact that I do not believe. The girls then said to me, you come to the wrong and will come good. Now I believe in it too. And overall, although it still hurts, I have great hope. With each conversation grows and grows and suffering can be disabled.
On the other hand, even when it does not, I have found a taste for "to be a bitch," I enjoy it and it's a great feeling!

Look for The Dream That Keeps Coming Back. It is your destiny.

Okay. I want to be with you have something to share. Listen to the original and then the videos below. And I'm waiting for a pile of opinions! I'm sure you know what I want to hear: D

Miley Cyrus - Smells Like Teen Spirit

There's a lot of what I you have to say, but this time it just does not fit on the blog. If you remember, you personally like it povykládám. And you know what? Have hope, believe in fairy tales and you go for what you want. And despite the consequences, because if you want, you can do anything. And smile! :)


Avril Lavigne - Smile
(originally there should be this, but I will not be ugly so)

Reason 1: Because this is my story.


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