Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Convert Usb Flash To Usb Dongle

Sky Full of Stars

miničlánků first of a series, for which I decided on a "regular" sections.

Kidney Thieves - Before I'm Dead

As for what I wrote in my last article - I decided that the networks really do not take next year. A soda we got today, I really want to experience. Let alone the same teachers. Brrr ...
Not that I switched the confidence, I still think I would have it. But comfort me overwhelmed. Like other almost always.

this week is pretty generally of stress. The girls had gone on a class trip, Kleio is home sick (get well soon ! ) and I stayed here only Paiginkou.

Sunday was pretty good, as always, I got up around nine this morning, I washed my hair, watching 30 Rock and then just wait for daddy to arrive. And the way we listened to hockey on the radio. I am glad that the guys won, Dad was happy, and I want it. On the intro, then just a big disappointment, we tried to play with girls first, but half the things we odflákly, so it's worth a lot.
Monday it was a little better, mend my mood, I slept in the afternoon and then We went with P to Tesco. I bought McCafé cup and I was happy. And the great joy of the game won by the United States. Oh, and again in the evening to stress the broken disk.


Today the time being to ourselves, and look forward to next time;)
PS: Those shoes so much I want, but first I have to killed and the other is the order: (


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