Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Bag Welcome Note


Trututututu !!!!!
Today, Mother's Day :-)

Today for MAM so wishes.
Satisfaction. I met ...
Ah, zrymowało up ;-)
Performance first and foremost.
And many, many reasons to rejoice! And to be proud of!

I careless! Absolutely! In spite of the concerns and worries though!
I still have my Mom to take this opportunity today ... Such
years ago ... Younger than me ;-)

Mom! Best wishes ...

Celebrate, We have a dear!
Also, these freshly baked
:-) And today and every day ...

was supposed to be a song for I have ... Very special!
Unfortunately, I failed to attach a sound file ...
Does anyone know why? Maybe there are some limitations in terms of size? Because I tried to move the sound file like the video ... I could not

:-( ***
And at the end ... For me yesterday touching Deli dobranocną your story ... and when I returned to the House , I immediately reached for a camera ...

And with us today, really festive ...
M. Daddy took the day off - probably because he wished to celebrate Mother's Day only to wake up 9.30!
I mean the weekend, but since this is assumed
... ;-) But anyway we got up before seven! Trutututu! So
And then a good dinner ...
Malinová And ice cream!
and photo session in my new shirt ;-) thematic session with me in the lead role! Extremely ;-)

And in the evening we go to the concert with A.! The two :-) We

What a nice change!
Because yesterday a real race against time and the black series in the morning ... M. sharp nabroił ;-) Among other things, ate two tires - hehe - the ones with the tiny, wooden toy cars! The third I managed to pull him from the stomach ;-) I really freaked out right now!
Oh, since I became a mother, I got to know the true meaning of the word 'split second' ;-)

Good day!
mothers in particular :-)


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