Monday, May 16, 2011

Orange Trojan Condoms

O :-) ;-)

Today, three defeats parental ;-)

No. 1

My order last year - we eat at the table! Only there! No running with a spoon in his mouth after feeding home ... Nothing in the game ... lost battle ...
M., of course, food continues to be (mostly) at the table, but (more often, unfortunately) I happen to wander behind the plate after the home ... Cause and a trillion is interesting activities ... And at the table - nuuuuda ... Even if I try to stoop Son arcyzabawnymi poems or stories wymyślanymi on the spot, hehe!
I understand him ;-)

No. 2

No stories on TV! No end of the second year of life! And the best third ... And what? For some three to four months of friendship with Mr Peppa Pig! Which she loves him happy ... and happy! And I was their friendship I use when measuring the temperature of the Child, or trimming nails ;-)
not everyday, but still - M. watching TV!
way of self-justification - only Peppe! Well, sometimes even Uszatek Bear. And an episode of Ben & Holly ;-)

lost battle No. 3

Hmm, Have I exhausted the catalog of failures?
I'm sure that just yesterday there were three items on the list ;-)

Oh, I forgot ...

Happy Monday! My

after a long and successful baaardzo weekend! We've been here and there :-) I celebrated a little bit ... I had several meetings przemiłych. And visits. I long distances on bikes! Book Fair, I was - oh, praise the new titles for the moment :-)
And everything would be great, if not for the fact that I deleted accidentally dossier photographic weekend ... I removed the video by accident, in which M. odpakowuje :-((( his birthday present gift, which decided not to wait until Thursday! gift that has thrown into consternation M.! I in delight! Moreover, not only ;-) Bo M.
with daddy M. spent long hours on the floor, playing with the best!
But about that for a moment before ...

And while we have to hunt for garden swimming pool and a sandbox for M.
:-) pictures ... Even a rainy day in April! entire session in puddles ;-) Yesterday it rained a little Unfortunately - and somewhat to our plans we pokrzyżowało outdoor ... You are now going to take a long walk in the woods!

PS I know! No. 3 :-)
Mimics, which cumelek ;-) In other words - a colleague dummy :-( Sometimes. At night. For one second ... But still ...
I really feel bad about this! I urgently need a soother to say goodbye!

PS 2 I are the new words: ram, attention and egg
:-) Among other things ... Those with just today.


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