Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Linsey Dawn Mckenzie Postpartum

A few outstanding images ...
even in April!
One of spring walk at our favorite playground. The next lake.
and boots - my favorite shoes Son!

I colored the water like a cloud of ink ...

like this weather like today and yesterday :-)
call it sea ...
sun behind the clouds and wind ... Cool ...
like this weather ;-) I do not spoils
The campus hooded sweatshirts and comfortable sneakers! The bike ... or on foot ...
with a bag slung over his shoulder where the shoulder blade, bucket and rakes ;-)
Well Bread for the ducks!
It's fun being a mom like that (almost) two year old ...
at all good for us ;-)

yesterday evening with A.
The coolest new place - for coffee, gossip and a glass of wine ...
And the music.
I loved your idea to spend the night on May 26th :-)
We will do a Mother's Day!
with lavender creme brulee :-)

And then - a concert!
In the end we'll jump together for these concerts, for which we had go together - not counting ...

I look forward to a big bouquet of lilacs from M. :-)
already told you that on Sunday brought me a bouquet of lily of the valley ???!!!

Oh, cool to be two year old mother!
Thomas & Friends :-) Well, on the train with us very much ... Like motorcycles, cranes and helicopters! That boy from M. - you can not hide! Thomas This is not just our own - hmm, but something I feel that soon we will arrive and in Thomas ;-)

coolest carousel ...
And the first green ... now no longer so abundant!

Expecting the searing heat cooked beetroot yesterday ;-)
funny taste in this weather ...


Happy afternoon!

I have for you today a song. Silje Nergaard and Pat Metheny :-)
I really like this song!
inspire wildly optimistic :-)
Somehow - a moment ago I reached after this album (unless it was not here yet Silje), M. dozing on the balcony, and I I sit down to work ... At least you listen to something nice for the ears :-)
Eh ...


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