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Robotic vacuum cleaners

Already half a year (As purchased) going to write a review of its robotic vacuum cleaners.
fact that I have a home of their three pieces.
About all in order. Meet:
  1. polisher. Mint http://mintcleaner.com/ Price: $ 200
The smallest of all the robots and the most quiet in operation. I call it robot-polisher, because all he can do - it wash the dust from the hardwood floor or move him, armed with a damp cloth.
Included with the vacuum cleaner itself is somewhat reusable cloth napkins, but I decided that it would be a lot of hassle and ordered several sets of Swiffer. These are the popular American rags for cleaning floors and dusting.
This kid different capacity for work and quiet operation. Can run around the apartment for 5 hours, but do not forget to change the towels.

With complete except Robot:
  • Universal power supply (ie you will not have problems with this robot in Russia)
  • navigation unit NorthStar (a small black cube, which is placed in the middle of tidying up rooms, and draws the robot route)
  • 2 rags and a dry cloth for wet cleaning
  • Pacific
  • long runs
  • Excellent dusting and rubbing the floors
  • useful to you only if you have wooden floors
  • must be frequently changed Napkin

look like the results (used tissues) polisher after an hour of work with a pure mind floor.

PS On the back of Mint is MicroUSB entrance, but not in the manual or online, I could not find a mention of its use. And so I want to believe in the updated firmware from the vacuum cleaner:).

2. Omnivorous vacuum cleaner. Roomba 562 Price: $ 360
looked like a classic vacuum cleaner. Intended to remove dust, and animal waste (mainly wool). Different ability to overcome obstacles such as carpets, small rapids and a high degree of autonomy.
It can be programmed to clean at certain times of the week. After cleaning robot itself back to the base (though in my If I used a vacuum cleaner discovered under a chair or in a corner, where he died is completely discharged). I note that this and the following vacuum cleaners I ordered on Ebay USA with a special charging adapted for European use, which may impact on battery life.

With complete except for the robot:
  • Optional filter, and toothbrush
  • Power Supply (adapted under 220 volts)
  • 2 virtual walls (a device that blocks the passage robot from one room to another until He did not finish in her cleaning)
  • base for recharging
  • good as a vacuum cleaner. Indeed qualitatively removed
  • ability to program harvest time
  • need frequent cleaning robot, including the dismantling of some parts (eg, front wheel hammered pieces dust, which makes it difficult to move, we have to unscrew a screwdriver)
  • battery life is sometimes not enough to clean the entire room (probably the mite makes the fact that you are using an adapted European charge, it is not compatible with battery)
  • noisy enough. At night, it will not start.

3. Steam cleaners. Scooba 350 Price: $ 400
In fact, I have a model Scooba 330, but the U.S. store it no longer exists. Cost is $ 300.
Main purpose of this model - clean the floor. But with him just a lot of hassle. The basic principle of the robot - fill with water, rub the brush and start to leave. One room, he removes about an hour, leaving a very wet floor. Enough it is usually only this one room.

With complete except Robot:
  • couple bags of detergent (such as vinegar)
  • Power Supply (adapted under 220 volts)
  • really washes the floor. True not very good. When, after his run polisher, he finds a pile of dust on the floor washed.
  • very noisy. Of course, with a running drill it does not compare, but the noise it produces decent.
  • requires careful care of themselves - after cleaning up the dirty water should be drained, wash the brush cleaner, clean filters to find him a dry place to recharge (and we should admit that he is not small)
  • does its job is not very good. This is noted in the pros.
In general, this model is the most stupid, but at the same time cleaning the vacuum cleaner is still good.

How do I use these cleaners:
Most of our work polisher. With it because the least hassle - tucked in a napkin, turned it on and forget. 2 days a week he works.
the weekend include Roomba, so that it actively collected all the dust and vacuum the carpets.
Steam cleaners work only once a month.

PS Yes, we also have the usual cleaner - Panasonic MC-CG883 , but we give them almost no use. Is it that every couple of months behind the couch or vacuum in the remote corners.


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