Saturday, May 14, 2011

Table De Multiplication 100x 100

failures of the way ... What

... back :-)

I guess everyone has their favorite way ... This is my - from south to north.
And back ...

throw pictures one by one ..., fuzzy, indistinct, imperfect ... I was running for the dłuuugim M. wagon, after all bands - with a camera slung over his shoulder - M. took off from the seats and railings, on which he climbed ;-) And from the high bar stools at Warsi (sic)
I pstrykałam - one after another - by the glass and dirty with splotchy lens ;-)

But the sun was setting beautifully ...
A recent photo - my favorite :-)

Happy weekend!

We had already begun yesterday :-)
was cake in the morning, trumpet and birthday hats ...

For Daddy ;-) And all day on set - because Dad had a day off!

We looked at a book fair :-) Oh, this again will end the need for extra rack next hehe!

And today?
Oh, a lot will happen :-)
Relationships ca- for sure - on Monday!


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