Monday, May 23, 2011

Where Can I Buy A Stethescope Chicago

Sunday :-) How old are you? ;-) Podumowując birthday weekend ...

birthday weekend.
looong :-)

birthday day at stud. M. feeding the horses and ponies ... and foals! I mainly cats ;-)
perfect weather for walking ...
I meet delightful!
cake. The pink candle ;-) unless Traditionally, hehe! Last year Daddy also failed to get a candle in a more 'manly' color!
Celebration in installments ... It will last until mid June probably :-)
Gifts! And that's what!
and cycling - this weekend and the week - when Daddy returns with a trowel M., jump on our bikes and ... to the woods! The meadows! On the slope! Miracle!
I dandelion - can not miss any!

Eventually (after a long namowach Daddy M) alone dared to clip the seat to the bicycle M. and - very scared - I moved ... I was soooo slow to start, accelerated at the end! Juhu !!!!!
I now only regret not decided on a year ago ... In fear ;-) That rune along with the seat ... I will lift me into the first corner. And so far only M. ridden a bike Daddy ... But it is not so difficult! A little worse and worse moves converts, but whatever ;-) to cope. We'll get! In any case, M. thrilled! ;-) I am pale

So goes odstawkę stroller and a basket on the bike, we can move far ahead of M. ... In everyone any day!
On a picnic, to forests, meadows ... For Powsin, Konstancin to the Botanical Gardens and the Vistula!
Summer ahead!

And again we have some outstanding photos ;-)
a whole lot ...
and stories!

Well, we all turn ...
:-) So far so

M. We ask how many her age.
- Tsi! - Is responsible and shows two fingers ;-)

So everything is clear ;-)

One of three of our favorite walking trails ... To the stud.
old path paving stone ... still remember the days when this road was the main route from Jazdów to Czersk ...

Well, time for unwrapping presents ;-) And our favorite CD's birthday, which is a background of similar events! Floors, wooden garage-parking with a mobile lift, with car wash and gas station at the lowest level - this gift was the biggest hit! A tie with Thomas :-) Because this box was a friend than a locomotive! But the locomotive is no longer the next time ...

moment of breath ;-) Bo M.
able to garage their vehicles by all quarters of an hour long!
And, what was to be expected, birthday gifts also impressed by Mr Daddy
;-))) So now I'm eating lots of time for yourself!


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