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How To Sew A Full Head Weave With A Bang

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I love to watch the future all around us. To notice and conceptualize phenomena that have a couple of decades ago seemed fantastic. I try to surround yourself with the maximum number of new gadgets like alarm clock that runs on biorhythms or robot vacuum cleaner.

In my example, I can say that the need for any further action is killing the beauty of use.
So I scored on the bio-clock Axbo http://www.axbo.com/ , because he had every night to put on hand cuffs and manually synchronize the data with a special application on your PC.
itself promises to wake up alarm at the right time for this - in REM sleep.

And the same Wii Fit Plus for Nintendo.

Like and cool stuff, but after a couple of weeks of classes, I completely stopped using it.
Fed trainer sometimes, when it really has nothing to do.

I think it lies in the motivation and the presence of the entertainment component.
Using Axbo, I must synchronize itself with the computer clock to see how I was there sleep at night. What else to do with that data - is unclear.
In Wii Fit looking for a competitive element.
Well ... do not even know if the schedule is better. Or am I just lazy?
Say you have a Nintendo Wii a better case?

On the other hand, in recent years around the phone (a standard which is still stands iPhone), has formed a real ecosystem trackers, motivator, fitness programs and all that.
I decided to overlook the most useful devices in one topic.

Ecosystem Runkeeper
best application in its class - Runkeeper. It will keep track of almost any human activity (jogging, walking, downhill skiing, drifting, etc.).
When only looking at the man page in Runkeeper, you cover the excitement: http://runkeeper.com/user/ni404/
If you have an iPhone and Android phone, try: http://runkeeper.com/

Runkeeper decided to set the standards for fitness for the lazy and integrated into the Wi-Fi scales, tracker activity Fitbit, sleep tracker Zoo and supports Heart Rate Monitors for iPhone / Android.
For most people the free version will suit Runkeeper, but for aesthetes and sporstmenov Elite is annual membership for $ 20 https: / / runkeeper.com / elite and paid workshops FitnessClasses. List Fitnes Classes:

are standing master-classes of $ 10-30. In comparison with the cost of One lesson from an instructor in the usual fitness club, it's cheap, but it is clear that for the money received by the user.
detailed video about the Fitness Classes:

Opportunities Runkeeper Elite:
  • Live Broadcast your sporting activities
  • opportunity to compare their results with friends from Streetmates (this is the name for those of your friends who also uses Runkeeper)
  • 50% discount on workshops on fitness. It was $ 25, was $ 12.5. If you are a comfort.
Overview of devices supported Runkeeper:

These weights have their own application for the iPhone and, in fact, the ability to fill in data about changes in your weight in Runkeeper. They support Wi-Fi network so that the data of your measurements will be automatically loaded into your account and commensurate with your physical activity. Such weights I have to say I have nothing about them except the price of $ 165 (without shipping).
Recently Eugene Kozlov their surveyed in its tvitore, because they still tweets (scales).
Example newly tweets of weights: http://twitter.com/ #! / maloff/statuses/64192285084098561

PS Manufacturers of these weights have gone ahead and released another tonometer (pressure gauge), which operates on Wi-Fi http://www.withings.com/en/bloodpressuremonitor .
first time on this device, I wrote 1.5 years ago when the device was still a concept, rather added a link to the website developers to your favorites. Even today, fitbit actively sold for $ 100 apiece. The device can be put into his pants pocket and keep at themselves. It constantly collects data about your travels in space to calculate how much per day you're gone, how many calories are spent. At night it can be used to assess the quality of your sleep, by securing a special cuff. Fitbit synchronizes data on wi-fi with its base station, and she in turn with your personal cabinet for fitbit.com.
analyzing the information received, fitbit through the mobile site can report on the achievement of fitness goals and help you to their record of ingested food and the progress management body.

I write these lines and understand that in the standard iPhone fitbit all features are already implemented (tracking sleep with Sleep Cycle, tracking movements - except Runkeeper difficult for me to give other examples, but in Appstore a lot of them).
Another thing that's hard to imagine that in the background mode on the phone I would hang and eat battery application, telling me that I spent ten o'clock in the chair. And the idea that I would bring to a data about eaten at lunch and keep clear records of calories do I think a failure. This is just for girls, dieters.
In fact, the two devices and applications for the iPhone - a belt with a heart rate monitor, Pribluda for itself and iPhone application that displays your heart rate. Plus, pulse can be displayed in Runkeeper.
Personally, I can hardly imagine myself putting on before the training zone and a Pribluda on the iPhone. Especially since all this ammunition worth $ 130.
About trackers sleep I have spoken above. I think this is the direction of hopeless because of the need to use cuffs. In this model, generally used to wrap the head. For me it is quite beyond good and evil. Came at night to drink milk in the hoop and frighten the household. No , thank you. And it costs $ 200.

But prices on the page: http://www.myzeo.com/pages/297_zeo_products.cfm , Zeo creators claim that over $ 80 a year will teach me right to sleep . Using, of course, experience of leading sleep scientists (the leading scientists in the field of sleep).

Ecosystem Nike
alternative Runkepeer'u acts ecosystem Nike - http://nikerunning.nike.com/
It differs in a closed and focus only on race and products Apple (supported by some other clock, but the afternoon with fire you will not find).
English version of the design of Nike + partition Coach

Design homepage Nike +.
The iPod generation 5 and iPhone 3GS / 4 has a support service Nike +. Buy special shoes marked with Nike + (from 3,000 rubles), he set Nike + ipod (~ 1,300 rubles), pulled out his iPod / iPhone and forth.
Here you can read about the purchase and customization Nike +: http://www.prostomac.com/2009/02/nike-plus-ipod-part1/
differs from the Nike + Runkeeper on
my opinion that it is aimed at a wider range of people than logic. Accordingly, there is heaps of support devices and applications.
the other hand, seems to have? competitive element (see table of results) and free programs to achieve results (runs marathons, runs 10 km, etc.).

Possible goal Nike +. Not much different from those of Runkeeper.

Comparison Runkeeper and Nike +

Runkeeper Nike +
Integration with other fitness devices + -
Support for different types of physical activity + -
integration with social networks + -
Participation in competitions - +
Personal Training Paid Free
Comparison with friends Only the Elite version ($ 20/god) -

conclusions about the gadget fitness
From my experience buying all sorts of devices that can draw several conclusions regarding what distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful device:

  • presence application for a smartphone, and automatic Podgruzka data on Wi-Fi
  • Maximum Automating that do not need to drive in his hands. Otherwise, use the gadget / application becomes a duty, not an element of entertainment during the occupation sports
  • integration with social networks (to share in the Twitter / Facebook / Vkontakte)
  • opportunity to compare their results with friends (and even cause them to "sport duel"). Very important social component. If no one with whom to share their successes and not the spirit of competition, no excitement. And there is no passion, there will be no results.
  • Availability of simple auto training programs: Entered his physique, the goal and got a set of actions by which this goal can be achieved
  • Badges for achieving results. In Russia, it is not very important, but any extra motivation will allow beginners do not back down.
  • Availability desire to become better (lose weight, gain form). Gadgets - only the possibility to visualize your fitness attempts. Their presence does not help you become better.
What would you add to the list required for success?

Applications for iPhone
To monitor the physical condition, apart from Runkeeper there are many applications.
I put all 3 and none of them do not use. Enumerating the applications and the reasons why I do not use them:
  • Sleep Cycle

application allows to use the iPhone as a smart alarm clock (which will be in REM sleep, and you sort of wake up wide awake). You put under your pillow, includes an appendix and in the morning you get woken up at this very stage, and you see how well you slept.
seems everything ok.
At first I liked the idea and I bought this application in Appstore.
2 weeks use, I realized that I do not really need to know exactly how I sleep. This is so clear. And the best phase for sifting irrelevant due to the fact that this too clear - too late lay down, do not sleep enough. Alarm clock and record here is not needed.
ability to post the results of sleep Facebook pleasant, but what gives?

  • GymGoal
application is an encyclopedia of exercises for training in the gym. You can select an exercise program and follow it. Perhaps it is suitable for those who regularly walks into the room, but I'm not such a person, so paying $ 4 for the application I run it only once.

  • All fitness
Virtually the same application as GymGoal but also taking into account food and a pleasant design. I think a week later I had already demolished. Although not I will think.

which applications for tracking physical activity iPhone use you? Do not just set and forget, but on a daily basis and why?


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