Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do You Have Milky Lotiony Mucus After Ovulation

La Cure Gourmand

Okay. After months of waiting, you will finally see a new article. for my taste too much success. It's the reason that I write to urge and cajole and Who knows what else.

S Korea - Charlotte Buff

So, what to say in his defense? Not much ...
  • longer-term creative block. And when I say longer-term, so I mean at least three months. That you have but you probably noticed, too.
  • Mentally I always somewhere between What did I do wrong? and His luck!. So nothing much, and it takes no account of a moral dilemma about the weekend. Ugh, how could I fall so far? !
  • lately nenamluvím much, and since most of my writing is to me to testify, I have nothing to write.
  • articles from February, not much has changed, nothing is převratnýho happened and if yes, well I do not need to be with someone to confide.

Last week I finally got my "Cisco's paper" from the network. Still, I should get one of the elective, a sophomore so I'll have met all the tests. As the networks concerned, I have quite a dilemma, if I had it in třeťáku taken as an option. Experience I quite enjoy and these tests can somehow survive. Despite the fact that it was for me a great plus as to why the cyber I am. Teacher I proved that I got it. And I bet you what you want that the world is too seventeen years old girls with CCNA. Yes, you've heard of confidence.

for photography (another candidate for the elective subject) last time we tried product photography. Maybe then you boast with the result.
teacher got into the idea of \u200b\u200bmaking a selection of our best photos for the whole year and then published as a book for all of the classes. To tell the truth, I also like it. When he gets some kind of your creation in the book, too, we feel important.

end of April we received the final award of the project výpočetky - we design and recoded own web page. I must say that I therefore have not delivered any sites, but that you enjoy. Yesterday I came home and I threw on it. Deadline is only a last week of May, but whatever. One of the few things that I make time. And the result? Two columns Vibrant colors, Tezkej minimalism. A photo of Raven to five years. Get ready to kick. And no, show up! : D

I do not remember if I told you on this project which I am. Anyways, just the whole year doing absolutely nothing. And before the committee, which selects the projects to go to the show's final show Skype!
Although the final project day sucked, but the compliment I received, it prevailed. So thank you once again, because you're one of the few people who always keeps me on top . :)

MAAT - I can not help

to Spain, I will not comment. I wanted to share some photos, but it lacks meaning for me, so unless someone I really terribly bored. But maybe I would be willing to draw some experiences. Want?

As with the private club for next year did not work out, stay on the intro - the room with Kleio. Just wait, I'll be a strong number two! : P
Anyway, I wonder how this will be reflected in the development blog.

Talking about the blog ...
  • Kleio sprdla me that the design is horrible (in what was was right) so I changed it. Perhaps it will now be satisfied.
  • I have a few ideas in store for "regular" sections, but still somehow I can not commit.
  • Regarding the foodblogu, which I mentioned a few times - Fat Sinner already exists, but is still missing articles. I have prepared a comparison Daszek Häagen-half-liter, Magnum luxury Temptations and grind their teeth at fast food places. But if someone starts me because of haze, it will be the first year: D

Paulie Garand - We're not

And finally a plea to you, readers. Tell me your opinion in the comments please. :)
How do you like the current design, and why (perhaps you know what is constructive criticism). What do you think about the idea of \u200b\u200bregular columns (or what should be)? Want to experience part of Spain? The housing Kleio a good idea? If Fat Sinner work, you read it?
Thank you:)


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