Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Made Pond Fountain


My. So Mom and Dad :-)
Mines We have pretty good!


From the date on which he was born, M., unimaginable pain, until the bowels, I make movies or books in which he refers to harm a child ... in which children suffer ... I avoid .
I avoid photos that document the places and events where children are victims ... I'm walking away
clench my eyes. And fists.
try not to think about the children sick. A terrible poverty. The homes where children are starving ...
and powerlessness.
But since I am a mother does not have the strength of this measure.
And I'm mad at myself, terribly wrong, because once, long ago, thinking about what the future would like to deal with, I believed that I would improve the world. I'll work for children. Those who were less fortunate ...
Nothing came of it. Although by the time I was close.
And I have a huge guilty conscience. I do not know what to do. With other priorities. With other ideas. Each other. For life.
I know that this is only my tchórzostwo.I mere laziness. Convenience.
But still I believe in myself. In that one yet ... I'll try

Children's Day today.
I would love that all children can be happy. To be able to be children. As long as possible!
And to be healthy.
That I wanted to. Most of the world.

Nothing in this world more precious than the smile of a child.

All the best to all children! And for those who did not stop them to be! Even against the metric ;-)


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