Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can I Put Black Polish On Brown Boots

And yet the May Sunday ...
two weeks ago perhaps.

M. and kuzyneczki :-)
Sophie and Tosia.

cool afternoon in the garden!
Nice time ...
children and animals ...
dog (huge size!), Two cats, goldfish and fun!
Coffee cups peas and a big cake with fruit ...
And we have two!

Besides jumping batucie, a gun on the water and splashing in the stream :-)
Well stroller doll!
Met dream ;-) M.

Girls :-)
AND M. - a single, but a strong male representation in that afternoon!

and race miniature boats - we did it with Zosia with nuts from fruit jars Tosi ;-) It it's called recycling! Plasticine, stick, and various odds and ends ... That the bucket reached the finish line first!

After such feats child die in a car at the first corner ...
And then when you arrive before our house, a child still sleeps, let's look at each other knowingly M. Daddy, turn the engine cool inclined plate, and we have child ;-) quarter
Himself, moreover, too!

Have a nice evening!

We just choose the bike :-)
M. already waiting for Daddy with helmet in hand! Poor Dad ... Hehe! There is with us a little ;-) Fatherhood is veeery hard work! In a full-time ... ;-) I must emphasize that M. has a cool Dad!


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