Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Speech For Golden Anniversary By Son

I wish life was as sweet as dessert. But specifically Tiramisu is like life, all things inside that sweet sauce hiding cake nacucaný bitter coffee and cocoa on top (perhaps no less bitter and more). Tiramisu enjoying as well as the fact that we live. I enjoy every morsel of food per day!

And I'm enjoying it lately . I have a wonderful boyfriend, great family, and osůbku what helps me lately (and I guess maybe I do it), going out with friends, at school, it is fairly ... But I still can not figure out what I need. Maybe a child excited about it all?

Ray Gelato - Mambo gelato

I recently spent an evening with good Raven to unplanned coffee. We both satisfy your cravings for sweet delicious Tiramisu! And there she appeared happy, but still not strong enough to keep me awake to life. Alone in the spirit of screaming at each other. "Well, I live my gosh!" I live, just not here. I feel really alive only in their perfect counterpart ( current boyfriend), so they now disagree. Before I knew how to live alone. So who killed me like that? Former Prince ( former boyfriend)! I wanted to tell him how badly I hurt, I had a chance! I wanted him back, but I had a chance! I did not have any chance to attack or defend. I was left unprotected and mortally wounded. However, the wounds heal, slowly but surely.
Now that I have my perfect match and I'm happy, so I can still live! I fear to joy just because of fear he would let me in hysterical wailing! I'm confused and incomplete, this is my first article as the article!

You've got my emotional Baring, so let me be the ridicule of the pillory !


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