Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changing Liberty Front Shocks

Who really cares ...

There is a list of things that I'm willing to forgive. And otherwise, I was able to forgive almost anything.

Killaz - Slap this world

EDIT: Ugh. I'll never write articles upset. And if yes, please stop me. I could be here to write something what might offend someone. And I can not because I am now good and decent. Muhe.

last article I ended up Monday, so Tuesday will take up.

The shooting came a teacher in a rather interesting mood, we had to split into two groups, one of them went out to take pictures of nature (Hradec As he looked 200 years ago? ) and the rest had to learn to shoot glass. Since I come interesting pictures of jungle and on the glass I excited, I stayed in the studio and it was nice not to be one annoying crap graphics.

on Wednesday you totally remember. Just this afternoon I was out for a long time it was one of my past positive experiences with Him . (And now I had a compelling urge to write Divinely : D)
Thursday in cool, beautiful evening, finished with hockey in the clubhouse.
hectic again Friday, ending pissed me Vampire Diaries.

weekend I went to my grandmother, with Chloe on Saturday we went to the Farmers' Markets (ugh, a village gathering to redneck), then broil. It was nice, but it's just not it. Oh, and I was shopping in Germany, but I actually bought the same candy. that I began to treat depression přežíráním, though now I can download?
on Sunday for my dad came and drove me to Hradec. Along the way we ran up and listened Isa hockey on the radio. At least we won the bronze, while the Swedes have been better.

yesterday for me not worth mentioning. I went to school in a good mood and in less than an hour I had wanted to go home throughout the week. Ugh. And voluntarily admit, I gave you cígo nerves. (But I have not hesitation, if I continue or not ...)
Paiginky Since I got a very interesting book, it is a mental exercise every day, so I try to follow it and see for the year. Sometimes I remind glory with the results (ie if you will be proud of).
But at least tonight I can mend your mood. A great night with the girls infinite mojito drink beer and beautiful wishes for a good night. And I made peace with Kubík.

PS: Exercise for the day is Confidentiality can cure anything.


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